How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana – Essential Tips Not Tricks You Must Know!

Looking for an answer to the question ‘How to pass a drug test for marijuana?’, most users check for tricks that others post on popular blogs.

In an effort to help others, weed users often post their stories on the Web describing different approaches to passing a drug test.

Searching for tricks on the Web may overburden you with a lot of unreliable information.

However, knowing a few essential tips as how to pass a drug test for marijuana will increase your odds of passing a drug test.

There are three essential things you need to know if you want to pass your marijuana drug test.

1. Where to find reliable information of how to pass a drug test;
2. Type of drug tests you might face;
3. What steps you need to follow in order to pass the tests.

First, when you start searching for information on how to pass a marijuana drug test on search engines like Google and Yahoo, you most likely visit very popular 1st page forums such as and

Many users like sharing their stories on such respected blogs and forums. However, you should be aware that many companies use these blogs to promote their own detox products as well.

They use the tactic of publishing “real successful” stories of using their products which are made up in order to attract customers to their websites.

This is the same with YouTube videos. You can find YouTube videos made by ‘a real user’ sharing his/her ‘success story’ of passing a drug test using one or another product. Most viewers are not aware of the fact that these videos are made by people paid by the companies to make the YouTube videos promoting their products.

If you want to find reliable information on how to pass a drug test, you need to find independent and reliable product reviews.

We research for hours a multitude of blogs, forums, and YouTube posting in order to independently determine how effective various products are based on actual real users’ experiences.

Second, you need to be informed as to what type of drug test(s) you might face when asked by your employer or applying for a job.

Following are the three most popular drug tests for detecting the use of marijuana:

1. Saliva (swab) drug test;
2. Urine drug test;
3. Hair drug test.

1. Saliva drug test is the easiest to pass.

During the saliva drug test, the tester uses a swab to collect saliva. The swab is placed between the lower cheek and gums for a few minutes. Once the saliva is collected, the swab is sealed in a plastic container and sent to the testing center.

2. Urine drug test is the most popular drug test.

You should anticipate receiving this test as part of any job screening process you may encounter.

You should be aware of the fact that certain approaches works better for light to moderate weed users and approaches work better for heavy to extreme users.

If you take the wrong approach, you will most likely lose your time, money and job by failing the drug test.

If you want to achieve a good test result, you MUST STOP using marijuana immediately the moment you became aware of your pending drug test.

3.Hair drug test

Usually companies ask labs to check for your last 3 months of use. Since hair grows about 0.5 inches a month, labs tests only the last 1.5 inches of the hair closest to the scalp.

Completely shaving your head does not work because labs will get samples from other parts of your body. If you shave the whole body, you will be sent back home because of lack of hair samples to perform the test.

There are three effective methods on the market, each with a 90% plus success rate.

These methods are: Aloe Toxin Rid Treatment, Macujo, and Jerry G.

Third, you need to be informed what steps to follow in order to successfully pass a drug test.

Each type of test uses a different approach.

Saliva (swab) drug test:

Even though saliva drug test is the easiest test to pass; you might easily fail it if you are not prepared .

In order to pass the saliva test, the following two steps must be followed:

1. Marijuana can be detected by saliva tests up to 24 hours after your last joint. Therefore to be safe, you should abstain from marijuana use for at least 48 hours before your test to ensure you have a ‘high chance’ of passing.

Also, you should not forget to thoroughly brush your teeth and gums and use a mouthwash several times the day of your test.

2. Since an employer can administer a saliva drug test on you at your job site any time without prior notification, you need to have a product specifically designed to pass a saliva drug test handy at all times.

Our #1 Recommendation for Effective Saliva DetoxHelp you to pass your saliva drug test

Urine drug test.

How to pass a urine drug test for marijuana?

In order to pass urine drug test, these three steps must to be followed:

1. You need to be honest in assessing how much you smoke;
2. You should know how much time you have before your drug test.
3. Base on the above, you should choose at least one of the following 3 approaches:

(1) cleans your body through exercise and special diet,
(2) detox your body with home remedies, and/or
(3) use a reliable detox products.

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Hair drug test.

Hair drug test is the most difficult test to pass. In order to pass a hair drug test, your hair has to be detoxified.

The primary principal behind all hair detox methods is to open the cuticle in order to clean THC metabolites or any other drugs from the cortex.
In order for a cleanser to gain access to the cortex, the cuticle must first be opened to enable penetration.

In order to pass a hair drug test, these four steps are to be followed:

1. Read reviews of the three most effective hair detox methods: Aloe Toxin Rid Treatment, Macujo, and Jerry G.

2. Choose among the three methods the one that best suites you;
3. Go to the website that has the products used in the method you choose;
4. Follow the instructions to the letter.

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