Drug Testing for Marijuana: Facts and Myths You Must Know!

Most marijuana users spend hours on-line looking for the best drug testing for marijuana facts in order to pass their urine drug test.

They spend hours on-line looking for the right answer. After extensive research we have made a summary of the facts and myths relating to the most popular approaches. This will help you find the right approach to pass your urine drug test without undue stress.

There are three popular approaches of how to pass the urine drug test:

(1) detoxing your body through exercise and special diet,

(2) detoxing your body with home remedies, and

(3) using reliable detox products.

Let’s discuss each approach and describe what works best for each user.

First, you should be aware of the fact that certain approaches works better for Light to Moderate weed users than for Heavy to Extreme users.
Second, if you take a less effective approach, you will most likely lose your time, money and job by failing the drug test.
Third, if you want to achieve good results, you MUST STOP using marijuana immediately from the moment you became aware of your pending drug test.

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Detoxing Your Body Through Exercise and Diet

Detoxing Your Body Through Exercise and  Diet

1.Light to Moderate Users

You are a Light user if you have smoked marijuana a couple of times within the past 30 days.
You are a Moderate user if you have smoked marijuana occasionally within the past 30 days.
Since Tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”) is stored in the fat body cells, the goal is to lose your fat as soon as possible.
Before taking this approach, you should consider three factors:

(1) how much time you have before your drug test,

(2) how much fat you have and how tall you are

(3) how strong your willpower is in order to push yourself to undergo such a detoxing approach.

If you are a Light user and you have a minimum of 3 days before your drug test, you may start detoxing your body through aerobic exercises several hours a day along with spending time in a sauna. During the two activities, it is essential to sweat a lot. Drinking water will help with the cleansing process.
If you are a Moderate user you need a minimum of 10 days before your drug test in order for this approach to work.

Eating healthy small portion of food several time a day should be helpful as well. Green vegetables, fiber, fruits and low fat chicken and/or turkey should be on your menu list. It is big “No” to eat sugar and junk food.

Fact: It takes discipline and time in order to achieve good results with this approach.

Several days before your drug test, it is advisable to take a home urine drug test. If your test shows negative results, it means you chose the right approach and did a great job in detoxing your body.
If the home test shows that you still test THC positive and you are running out of time, you should consider other options listed here.

2.Heavy to Extreme Users

If you are a Heavy user and you have a minimum of 30 days before your drug test, you may consider detoxing your body through aerobic exercises and special diet. You should use the same approach as the Light users described above; but, only for much longer period of time.

If you are an Extreme Heavy User, you need a minimum of 2.5 months before your drug test in order to use this approach.

Fact: If you are 100% sure that your willpower is strong enough this approach should work for you.

It is highly recommended to take a home urine drug test several times during the detoxification period. If 10 days before your drug test your home drug test result is THC positive, you should immediately consider taking a different approach before it is too late.

Detoxing Your Body with Home Remedies

Detoxing Your Body with Home Remedies

It seems that weed lovers are so much determined to discover new home remedies to pass drug tests, they spend hours with their experiments. Some of these home remedies are potentially harmful and dangerous to use. You can read many testimonials on various forums and watch promising “real story” YouTube videos.

The list of the home remedies is endless, including:

1. Lots of water,
2. Baking soda,
3. Cranberry juice,
4. Vinegar ,
5. Bleach,
6. Pickle juice,
7. Goldenseal,
8. Niacin,
9. Creatine ,
10. B12, and
11. Certo ( gelatin).

Myths: The above mention remedies are reliable source that help you pass a urine drug test.

Facts: Weed smokers try to save money by using homemade remedies, even being aware that the chances of passing a drug test are minimal.

Using Reliable Detox products

Fact: Reliable detox marijuana products can help weed users to pass a urine drug test.

We have seen many negative testimonials on detox products in different forums. Many users failed their drug test using such products because they did not know what to choose and how to use the products.

For example, if you an Extremely Heavy user and you have a drug test tomorrow, you are most unlikely to pass the drug test just by drinking a dilute detox drink.
However, if you give yourself a minimum of 10 days, and detox your body properly, you will have a high chance of passing the test.

Moreover, when you choose the detox product, you should check the company you are dealing with. If the company has been in the market for several years, it is more likely a reliable place to buy the product. It is possible to fool customer for several months; but, not for years! Checking a product and a company’s review is very helpful as well.

So, the key for the success is to take into consideration 3 factors:

(1) determine how much you smoke,

(2) how much time you have before your drug test and

(3) how reliable the distributing company is.

How to Choose Detox Marijuana Products:

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