Does ALDI Drug Test New Employees?

ALDI is one of the largest supermarket chains in the world and is present in over 20 countries. It’s no surprise that many people have been asking me “does ALDI drug test new employees or not?”

For a lot of people, finding a decent job means everything. Some people need it for the money while some are looking to start their careers. Sometimes, it’s simply young people looking for a summer job.

Since ALDI is so widely available, it presents a great job opportunity for many. Landing a job is often difficult for recreational drug users. Most employers are still concerned about drug use and may filter out job applicants who test positive for drugs. Knowing if ALDI drug tests can help you prepare.

ALDI Company Facts

ALDI was founded in the 1940s in Germany by two brothers. It’s one of the largest supermarket chains across the globe. While it’s founded in Germany and found in a number of European countries, ALDI is also present in the US. There are over 1,600 ALDI stores in the United States. The supermarket chain employs hundreds of Americans.

You can apply for different jobs at ALDI. You can work at one of their stores helping out customers, as a cashier, and in restocking. You could also apply for a job in one of their warehouses and in distribution.

If you have experience and the education, you can try getting a job in one of their main offices. This will include working in a large department like marketing or accounting.

Keep Reading to Find OutHow to Pass Your Drug Test

ALDI Drug Test Policy in 2023

ALDI is a large corporation with over 11,000 locations all over the world. It makes sense that they want to preserve their reputation as drug use at work will lead to disgruntled customers. If you’re going to take a drug test at ALDI, you can expect to be tested for marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, heroin, and others. Testing positive for any of these will leave you in trouble.

What to Expect During ALDI Hiring Process

The hiring process at ALDI is unfortunately a bit long. You will most likely need to go through 3 interviews. The first interview is often a group interview where other applicants will be there too. The next two interviews are one to one interviews. It’ll just be you and the interviewer.

If you get to the third interview, you will most likely be hired. After it, they’ll perform a background check and ask you for a drug test. If you pass these, you can start work. There’s usually a two week gap between your last interview and your first day on the job.

Does ALDI Drug Test New Employees?

Yes, unfortunately for drug users, ALDI does pre-employment drug testing. Those who successfully get through three interviews will need to pass a drug test before getting hired.

Many are asked for a drug test during the third interview or on their first day at work.

You should take care and arrive to your third interview with your system clear of urine. This can be achieved by not doing drugs for at least a month and half before your third interview.

It would be a shame to be denied the job after three interviews because your drug test came back positive. Do your best to make sure you pass the drug test. Once your drug test comes back negative and your background check goes well, you’ll be given a job offer.

Does ALDI Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Test?

ALDI is not known for randomly testing its employees. That doesn’t mean that it can’t. There will be a clause in your contract that allows them to drug test you randomly. This is a common clause that’s present in almost all job contracts.

If you’re involved in a work accident, you will most likely be drug tested too as it might seem suspicious. Naturally, if you show up to work under the influence of drugs, your boss or manager might ask you for a drug test.

It’s not clear whether or not ALDI performs pre-promotional drug tests. There’s not enough information on the topic according to my search. You would be better off asking other people at ALDI if they had to undergo a drug test before a promotion. Just to be safe, you can always abstain from drugs after getting hired.

What kind of Drug Test Does ALDI Use?

ALDI uses a urine drug test to test applicants and employees. The urine drug test is done off site. You will be given a sample cup and asked to urinate in it. ALDI will send your urine to a lab for testing after your third interview. If your urine drug test and background check are clear, you’ll get hired and be able to start work very soon.

Can You Fail Your Drug Test for Using Prescription Drugs?

No, those on prescription drugs should not have any issues with their drug test. You just need to make sure that you let your interviewer know that you’re on a prescription for drugs that could show up as positive on a urine drug screen. This will avoid any confusion.

To be absolutely sure, you can also provide ALDI with the name and number of your doctor so they can confirm with him or her that you really are on a prescription. You and your physician are not obligated to tell them what you’re taking or why you need it.

How to Pass Urine Drug Test at ALDI?

Knowing for how long you might test positive for THC significantly increases the odds of passing your urine drug test at ALDI.

You shouldn’t have any issues passing your test if:

  1. You use marijuana 1-2 times a week. You might become clean in 4-5 days since your last time of use,
  2. You use marijuana 2-3 times a week. You might become clean in 10-12 days since your last time of use,
  3. You use marijuana 4-5 days a week or more often. You might test positive for THC from 35 up to 90 since your last time of use.

If you have enough time until your urine test, the best approach would either to detox your body naturally through exercise and healthy diet or completing a whole body detox program like the Toxin Rid program.

So far, 10, 5 and 3 Day Toxin Rid Programs are the most popular and effective detox programs on the market.

There are many detox drinks like XXTRA Clean or Herbal Clean QCarbo20 as well. However they are mostly effective for light/moderate users. It is more challenging for heavy users to pass their urine drug test if they don’t have enough time to complete a whole body detox program.

We have seen cases where some heavy users have used synthetic urine as their back up plan when they knew that their urine test would be unsupervised. However, there is always the risk of being caught and facing the dire consequences of such an action.


In summary, ALDI is a great place to work and has plenty of stores not just in America, but all over the world. If you’re interested in working there, you’ll need to be careful since they’re strict and have a no drug use policy. Testing positive could eliminate you from getting a job or get you fired if you already work there.

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