Detox Marijuana – Which Approach is Best for You?

If you are facing a drug test, in order to increase your odds of passing it, you need to choose one of two main approaches of how to detox marijuana: (1) masking your saliva and urine, and (2) detoxing your whole body and hair.

Many weed users, especially new ones, are often confused as to which approach to choose in order to increase their probability of passing a drug test in 2023.

As we receive many question on our website as to which approach to choose and how to achieve the best possible results, we decided to provide a detailed explanation of:

how masking and detoxing approaches work;
which approach to choose, and how to use that approach, in order to pass saliva, urine and hair drug tests.

In order to appreciate how much different controversial information there is on the WEB, we offer a following detailed diagram.
This diagram shows that both approaches, masking and detoxing, use combinations of different products and home remedies.

We want to make sure that you have a better picture of which approach to use in order to pass your drug test.

If you are still not sure after reading this post what to do in your case, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to help you choose the best approach.

Detox Marijuana Approaches Diagram

 Detox Marijuana Masking Approach

The main principal behind the masking approach is to make undetectable any consumed prohibited substances by drug testing laboratories for a very short period of time in order to pass a drug test .

Mainly the masking approach is used for saliva and urine drug tests.

This approach does not longer work for the hair drug test. All masking substances are easily detected by the labs. However, many masking products are still on the market. Unfortunately, users still fall for such scams.

Masking Approach Diagram

With the masking approach, users try to decrease the concentration of drugs in their fluids, saliva and urine below the cutoff level for a very short period of time – i.e. from 1 to 5 hours.

Drug cutoff level is the minimum concentration of drugs or metabolites that must be present in a sample before labs report drug testing results as positive.

For saliva, the marijuana ( THC) drug test cutoff level is 12 ng/mL;
For urine, the marijuana (THC-COOH) – THC drug test cutoff level is 50 ng/mL.

 Saliva drug test.

There are two ways to pass a saliva test: (1) wait till your saliva detoxes naturally over a short 48 hour period of time or (2) use a masking product specifically design to pass the saliva drug test.

It is imperative to note that if you smoke marijuana less than 24 hours before your saliva drug test, using regular mouthwash products is the wrong approach for passing the test.

Our #1 Recommendation for Effective Saliva DetoxHelp you to pass your saliva drug test

Urine drug test.

Most users try to mask marijuana metabolites either using home remedies or popular “detox” drinks.

2.1 Masking urine with home remedies.

There are many popular home remedies recipes online with hundreds of users’ testimonials claiming they have used a certain home remedy and successfully passed their urine drug test.

Some of the popular home remedies include:

1.Lots of water,
2. Baking soda,
3. Cranberry juice,
4. Vinegar,
5. Bleach,
6. Pickle juice,
7. Goldenseal,
8. Niacin,
9. Creatine,
10. B12
11. Certo ( gelatin) , and
12. Palo Azul tea.

We have not seen any actual proof that any of the above listed home remedies recipes are reliable approaches with a high success rate for most marijuana users.

2.2. Masking urine with masking ‘detox’ drinks.

Many weed users are confused by the labeling of such products as ‘detox’ drinks. This is why many users believe that using such drinks can help them pass their drug test.

The truth is that such ‘detox’ drinks are only designed to dilute the urine, add necessary vitamins and minerals and – as a result restore- body nutrient levels to normal levels for up to 1 to 5 hours (known as the “detoxification zone”), not completely detoxify the body.

Within the “detoxification zone”:

1. Your urine is allegedly free of drugs the test may detect, and
2. Normal levels of background nutrients are reestablished. As a result, your urine possesses the “markers” that drug tests look for to see if you are trying to beat the test.

The detoxification zone usually starts 1 hour after you have finished the ‘detox’ drink and continues for to up to 5 hours, with maximum effect during the FIRST 3 hours.

Based on our extensive research, we came to the conclusion that consuming ‘ detox’ drinks users have 50-50 chance of passing their drug test as there are many factors that play a significant role the result – including body weight, life style, individual metabolism and how often marijuana is consumed.

We are of the opinion that most popular ‘detox’ drinks might work for users with a light, or in some cases, moderate toxin exposure.

– if light and moderate users have enough time till their drug test, they can clean up their bodies naturally without any products.

For light exposure in a person of average weight, marijuana (THC) can be detected in urine up to 4 days after the last use. For moderate exposure in a person of average weight, marijuana (THC) can be detected in urine for up to 10 days after the last use.

– if a light or moderate user is running out of time, masking drinks might help to drop the concentration of drugs in his/her urine below the cutoff level.

However, with a heavy or extreme toxin exposure, users need to complete more than a 1 hour drug masking program.

If you have enough time until your drug test, it is highly advisable to complete a full body detox program.

Detoxing Marijuana Approach.

According to Wikipedia, body detoxification (‘detox’) is the “physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living human body”.

With the detoxing approach, users try to drop the concentration of drugs in their urine and hair, below cutoff level permanently.

Using detoxing approach you actually detox your whole body from THC.

Mainly, the detoxing approach is used for urine and hair drug tests.

It is effective for blood and saliva drug tests as well. However, because blood and saliva detox naturally during a short period time, detoxing approach is not very popular for these tests.

Detoxing Approach for Marijuana Diagram

Urine drug test.

In depends on how much time you have till your drug test, which of the two ways you choose to try and

pass a urine drug test with a detoxing approach: (1) wait till your body clean naturally over a period of time or (2) use reliable detoxing products.

1.1 If you have enough time before your urine drug test, you can wait and clean your body of THC naturally over a period of time

You just to need to determine what kind of smoker you are and wait patiently for the THC to clear based on the estimated time presented in our post: ‘How Long Does Weed (THC) Stay in Your Urine?’ – Important Data You Need to Know!!!

If you would like to expedite the natural THC cleaning process by several days, you may start detoxing your body through aerobic exercises several hours a day along with spending time in a sauna and maintaining a healthy diet.

Our #1 Recommendation for Effective DetoxHelp you to pass your drug test

1.2 If you are running out of time before your urine drug test, you can detox your body using reliable detox products.

In order to increase your odds of passing a drug test to the highest possible level, it is imperative to know what products to choose and how to use these products.

The key to success is to take into consideration the following three factors:

1. how much you smoke,
2. how much time you have before your drug test, and
3. how reliable the distributing company is.

In addition, it is important to check product and company reviews.

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Hair drug test.

Many weed users fear the hair drug test because of its reputation as the toughest test to pass.

However, because of the following three well known effective methods have been invented, the hair drug test is not that difficult to pass.

Macujo Method
Aloe Toxin Rid Tretment Old Style method
Aloe Toxin Rid Treatment
Jerry G

Each of the three methods has a 90% success rate if you follow their instructions precisely.

Some, such as Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Treatment method, works for all types of head and body hair, and all types of toxic exposure, and has no side effects.
Others, such as Macujo and Jerry G methods, have moderate to extreme hair damaging side effects.

Our #1 Recommendation for Effective Hair DetoxHelp you to pass your hair drug test

We presented in the post a comparison chart where you can find a short summery of the three most popular effective hair cleaning methods for passing a hair drug test.

You just need to choose among the three the method the one that best suites you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post ‘Detox Marijuana – Which Approach is Best for You?’

If you are not sure what approach to use in order to pass your drug test, please do not hesitate to ask by leaving your questions and/or comments below.

We will make sure to come back to you within 48 hours.

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