Jerry G Method Review

In this detailed Jerry G Method review I am going to discuss how this hair cleansing method can help you to pass a hair drug test. This includes method’s overview, summary short instructions, pros and cons, and our recommendations.


Jerry G Method will help you pass your hair drug test.

Overall Ranking: 4/54 stars rating

Manufactures: Zydot, SynergyDetox
Approx Cost: $120
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Overview – How Can ‘Jerry G Method Help You?

Jerry G Method, the hair cleaning procedure to pass a hair drug test, is named after its creator “Jerry G”. He used to be an active contributor to the blog and a legend among marijuana users.

The principal behind Jerry G Method is based upon a scientific principal, which we assume he developed while exploring the hair dyeing process.

The hair shaft is comprised of three layers: cuticle, cortex, and medulla. The cuticle is a hard shingle-like layer of overlapping cells, from five to twelve layers deep. THC metabolites are stored in the cortex, which is in turn protected by the cuticle.

In order for a cleanser to gain access to the cortex, the cuticle must first be opened to enable penetration.

Alkaline substances with a PH level of higher than 7, such as baking soda, bleach and ammonia can quickly open the cuticle. Neutral PH level is 7.

This is how it looks graphically on the Jerry G post:

Jerry G 5

Jerry G Method consists of two phases: an initial penetration with bleach, hair dye and Toxin Wash Shampoo and a second with baking soda, Ultra Clean Shampoo and Toxin Wash Shampoo.

During the initial phase, bleach and a hair dye containing ammonia help open the cuticle and Toxin Wash releases and removes the THC metabolites.

During the second phase, baking soda helps open the cuticle and two shampoos, Ultra clean and Toxin Wash, complete the deep cleansing with a purifying treatment and conditioner.

Ultra Clean and Toxin Read release, dissolve, and removes from the inner hair all various collected chemicals, medications and toxins – including THC.
Ultra Clean Shampoo and Toxin Wash Shampoos were designed for users with all types of hair.

Jerry G Method uses 5 components:

Baking Soda
Hair Bleach
Hair Color
Toxin Wash

Summery Instructions:

In order to achieve the best results, you should bleach and re-dye your hair 2 times before your hair drug test.
The first bleach and dye should be on the day you stop using marijuana or all other drugs.
The second bleach and re-dye should be at least 10 days after the last time of using marijuana. If you have less time, the last bleach and re-dye should be done as close to the hair drug test as possible.

Jerry G Method’s cleaning procedure:

First Step: STOP using Marijuana!

You MUST STOP using marijuana – and all other drugs – before you start the hair cleaning process. If you do not become and remain “clean”, the cleaning program will not help you pass the hair drug test.

Second Step: Perform the 1st bleach and dye your hair procedure

Third Step: Wash your hair with Toxin Wash Shampoo

  • After completing bleaching and dyeing your hair, wash it with Toxin Wash following instructions on the package.

Fourth Step: Perform the 2nd bleach and dye your hair procedure

  • At least more than 10 days after your last drug use, bleach and dye your hair second time.

Firth Step: Wash your hair with Toxin Wash Shampoo

  • After completing bleaching and dyeing your hair, wash it with Toxin Wash following instructions on the package.

Sixth Step: Apply and massage into your hair baking soda pasta

  • On the day of your hair drug test day, make a thick baking soda paste and massage it into your hair.

Seventh Step: Wash your hair with Toxin Wash Shampoo

  • Wash your hair with Toxin Wash for the 3rd and final time following the instructions on the packet.

Eight Step: Wash your hair with Ultra Clean Shampoo

  • After completing to wash your hair with Toxin Wash, wash it with Ultra Clean Shampoo, again following the instructions on the packet.

To achieve the best results, you should:

1. Use hair color dye containing ammonia. Do not use natural hair color dyes not containing ammonia. They won’t be effective. You can use your favorite hair color brand as long as it contains ammonia.
2. Use a NEW comb or brush after completing each step of the cleaning hair cleansing process in order to avoid recontamination. Avoid contact with, or clean thoroughly, items such as eyeglasses, hats, hoodies, car head rests, pillows, etc. to avoid recontamination.
3. For higher toxin levels, thicker hair, or hair 6″ or longer, 2 or more applications are recommended in order to ensure the purifying process is completed.

Pros / Cons


1. Jerry G Method costs much less than Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Treatment and Macujo Methods.

2. It works well for all marijuana users with little clean time. Ultra Clean and Toxin Wash Shampoos are easy to apply by following the simple instructions on the package.
3. Ultra Clean and Toxin Wash have no side effects such as burning, itching and/or irritating your scalp.
4. You can order Ultra Clean Shampoo for overnight delivery, if you have your drug test within a few days.
5. Ultra Clean Shampoo and Purifier contain Aloe Vera to help condition both the hair and scalp during the cleansing process. The Aloe based conditioner will leave your hair tangle free and full of body.


1. Jerry G Method badly damages your hair by bleaching and dying it too often. It is particularly tough on a long thin hair. Many people cut their hair after the procedure.It is advisable for women with long hair to consider other hair cleaning methods such as Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Treatment and Macujo.
2. You must follow the instruction
to the letter if you want to pass your hair test.
3. Ultra Clean is only effective for 24 hours as your scalp and hair naturally producing oils that can re-contaminate your hair within a short period of time.

4. No existing detox product or method on the market can guarantee you 100% success rate in passing drug tests.

Customer Support

Website, where you can purchase Ultra Clean Shampoo, one of the main components of Jerry G Method, provides outstanding professional customer service via Live Chat and Phone. You can have a straight talk with them as how to pass your hair drug test. Based on your individual situation, you will receive recommendations as to which product is best for you.

Common Ultra Clean Shampoo Questions

Here are some common questions (with answers) that I get.

Does bleaching and dying your hair affect a drug test?

As bleaching and dying your hair play important role in the initial phase of the Jerry G Method, it increases your odds of passing your hair drug test. You need to follow the Jerry G Method instructions to the letter though.

How long does Ultra Clean last in your hair?

Ultra Clean is only effective for up to 24 hours as your scalp and hair naturally producing oils that can re-contaminate your hair within a short period of time.

Jerry G Method – Final Verdict

Update 2022!! Many satisfied users! Even though Jerry G method damages your hair; it is one of the three most popular and effective methods for marijuana users – with a success rate of around 90%. Many good reviews and feedback on numerous blogs confirm that Jerry G Method helps to pass a hair drug tests.

Overall Ranking: 4/54 stars rating

Have you tried the Jerry G Method? If so, let us know what you think!

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