Does KFC Drug Test for Pre-employment?

“Does KFC drug test for pre-employment?”. This is the question on the mind of many who consider applying for a job at the world’s most popular fried chicken fast food chain. Kentucky Fried Chicken isn’t just a great place to eat and enjoy fried chicken; it’s also presents a great working opportunity.

People looking for a temporary job, or those who need to gain work experience, will benefit a lot from a job at KFC It represents a job opportunity that one shouldn’t foul up because they were unaware of the requirement for a drug test, which would stop them from getting the job.

KFC Company Facts.

The very first KFC restaurant opened in Utah in 1952. Colonel Harland Sanders saw an opportunity and took it. The franchise hasn’t looked back since and is now officially the 2nd largest fast food chain in the world after McDonald’s. The restaurant is a subsidiary of Yum Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

You’ll find the same jobs at KFC as you would at any other fast food restaurant. You could apply to be a team member that includes serving customers, or part of the kitchen team. You can also even apply to be a store manager, which is more difficult to get as it requires more experience and managerial skills.

Keep Reading to Find OutHow to Pass Your Drug Test

KFC Drug Test Policy 2023

KFC’s drug policy isn’t as strict as that of its competitors. This is certainly good news for recreational drug users seeking employment. People who don’t use drugs or those who have prescriptions for drugs have nothing to worry about.

If there’s a reason for you to be drug tested while working at KFC, then you should expect a urine drug test. Your urine sample will be screened for drugs such as THC, cocaine, heroin, meth, barbiturates, and others.

Showing up positive for any of these drugs without a prescription or medical marijuana card will most likely result in you being fired.

What to Expect During KFC Hiring Process.

It doesn’t take long for a person to be hired at KFC. You begin by simply filling out an application online or by picking one up at your local KFC. After submitting the application, you’ll get a call from the restaurant manager inviting you to come in for an interview.

During the interview, you’ll be asked questions regarding your relevant job skills and availability for work. Overall, the interview is relatively easy. Most will learn straightaway if they got the job once the interview is over. You’ll then be told when to start work.

Do You Have to Pass a Drug Test to Work at KFC?

Regardless of where you reside in the United States (with the single exception listed below) you can rest assured that you won’t be drug tested on applying for a job at KFC.

A lot of people worry about being ambushed with a drug test during, or after, the interview; but that’s not the case at KFC.

This is most likely due to the high turnover at KFC and other fast food chains. As a result, they’re all looking to hire quickly. So, if you’re a recreational drug user, you don’t have anything to worry about when applying for a job at KFC.

However, if you live in Arizona you might want to be a little bit cautious. The reason being, one perspective employee says that he/she was drug tested while applying for a job at a KFC. For you to be absolutely certain that you won’t be tested, you should ask someone who works at your local KFC prior to your interview.  They’ll tell you for sure whether or not a drug test is given.

Does KFC Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Test?

Yes! KFC reserves the right to test its employees on a random basis and before a promotion. Perhaps they’re a little lenient when hiring; but, that doesn’t extend to your employment period. If you’re involved in an accident at work then you will most likely be tested.

In addition, if your manager has any reason to suspect you’re under the influence of drugs during your shift, then you may be asked to take a urine drug test. So, just because you received the job doesn’t mean you’re allowed to show up for work high on drugs.

Very few KFC branches randomly drug test their employees just to ‘keep them on their toes’. You can find out for sure if your branch is one of the few that does random testing by asking your fellow employees after being hired.

People who work long enough to be promoted to manager will almost certainly be asked to pass a drug test in order to get the job. So if things are looking good for you at work, don’t ruin your chances for promotion by using drugs and failing your pre promotional test.

What Kind of Drug Test Does KFC Use?

As previously mentioned, KFC relies on urine drug testing. You’re not likely to be asked for a urine sample during your interview, but you could be asked for one on the job. In that case you’ll be asked to pee in a cup. The sample will then be sent to a KFC contracted labs to be screened and analyzed for the drugs we mentioned above.

How to Pass Urine Drug Test at KFC?

As you might face a random unexpected urine drug testing, if you a light user, you should be able to pass your test after 4-5 days of abstaining. However if you have a moderate THC exposure (using marijuana 2 times a week), you might need to have handy a detox drink like Mega Clean or XXTRA Clean  which should be used on your drug test day.

However, if you are a heavy user, there is a high chance that you will fail your test if you are not prepared for it. We have seen that some heavy users try synthetic urine, if the urine test is unsupervised. However, there is always the risk of being caught and facing the consequences for such action.


Basically, if you’re worried about not getting a job at KFC because you’re a regular drug user, then take a deep breath and relax. You probably won’t need to pass a drug test to be hired – unless you live in the state of Arizona. Take care though because you will be punished if you’re caught high on drugs during one of your shifts.

If your manager suspects you’re high, or you’re involved in a work accident, then you’ll be tested for drugs. Failing to pass the drug screen will most likely get you fired. Failing a drug test will also kill your chances of receiving a promotion if you’re up for one.

Thank you for reading our article “Does KFC Drug Test for Pre-Employment?”

We would love to hear about your experiences going through the KFC hiring process and drug testing procedure. We believe others who are applying for jobs at KFC will definitely appreciate and benefit from your experience.

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