What is the Best Way to Take Medical Marijuana – 7 Popular Ways for You to Know!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re experienced when it comes to using medical marijuana or if you’re only getting started. Either way, you’re probably wondering: what’s the best way to take medical marijuana?

And considering that there are so many options the answer isn’t so simple. In fact there’s probably not a single answer for everyone. The best way for you may not be suitable for someone else.

So through this article I’m going to discuss the 7 best ways of using medical marijuana in order to help you reach an informed decision that fits your budget, time, and medical condition.


1. Smoking is obviously the most popular and best known method of taking medical marijuana.

What you may not know is that it’s also the quickest method to ingest medical marijuana. Drugs taken by inhalation are the quickest drugs to work (well second quickest after IV drugs).

From the lungs drug is absorbed directly into the circulation system and sent to the heart to be pumped to the rest of the body.

One misconception or fear that keeps people from smoking medical marijuana is lung cancer. Studies have shown that smoking marijuana does not increase the risk of lung cancer. So you don’t need to worry about that.

The true downside to this method is that it can leave a distinct smell. So if you don’t like smelling like a weed then you probably won’t like smoking pot.

In order to smoke marijuana, you’ll need to buy marijuana buds then use them in a cigarette, pipe, or vaporizer. A gram costs between 5-20 dollars.


2. Vaping is similar to smoking, but there are still significant differences between the two.

For starters, a vape cartridge can last a few days. You can use it on and off as opposed to a smoke which you light and will last only a few minutes.

Vaporizers create a light vapor that doesn’t have smoke that’s as heavy as that made by a cigarette or joint. It’s a lot easier on the lungs and leaves less of a smell compared to regular smoking.

There are forced air vaporizers and whip style vaporizers which are for home use. There is also portable and pen vaporizers that are portable and can be used on the go.

A cartridge of 150mg weed can cost about 50$. However keep in mind that it can last a few days.

Oil drops and Sprays.

3. Oil drops and sprays are another popular way to use medical marijuana. Mostly they’re used in order to spray the substance in the mouth (mainly under the tongue).

From there the mucous membranes in the oral cavity – and specifically those on the inferior aspect of the tongue – will rapidly absorb the marijuana. This is a pretty quick way of administration as well.

This also avoids any use of the lungs and eliminates any possible residual smell of smoke. It’s easy and can be done on the go.

What makes oils unique is that they have the highest concentration of THC among the different forms of medical marijuana, thereby making them very potent. Concentrates cost about 50-100$ per gram.


4. Capsules are probably the most straightforward of them all.

With other forms it can take a few times of trial and error to get the dose right. With capsules you know exactly the amount you’re getting and there’s no nonsense about them.

You don’t need to prepare them or worry about a smell or anything like that. You can take them on the go and if you don’t want people to find out you are taking medical marijuana you can just say that they’re vitamins.

Doctors also feel safer prescribing them and there’s little risk of side effects from getting the dose wrong. 200 capsules can cost about 300$.


5. Edibles are a fun way of taking medical marijuana. What do we love more than food? Pretty much nothing.

Imagine if all drugs were taken by being added to delicious food. People would never miss a single dose. If you’re someone who likes to make things fun then you can experience with edibles.

When we say edibles we don’t just mean brownies like in the movies. You can find recipes to add medical marijuana to almost anything so that you can add it to healthy meals as well.

You can add it to pesto, tacos, and even risotto. Taking medical marijuana through food, however, will make their effect kick in later.

There’s an increased likelihood of psychoactive experiences. If you’re going to ingest it with a meal then you might not want to have an important meeting later in the day. Price can be about 5$ per dose.


6. Drinks are another great aspect of our lives. Cannabis can be added to a variety of drinks and it’ll work just fine. It’s better to use with cold drinks if you want to avoid any psychoactive effects which are often the result of heating of the cannabis.

Don’t use dried cannabis buds while making juice, it’s always better to use fresh buds as they’ll taste and work much better. The cost of buds is about 5-20$ per gram just like those used with smoking.


7. Suppositories don’t sound much fun – right? But they work wonderfully.

Some studies say that you get the most benefit out of suppositories without any of the psychoactive effects. Suppositories aren’t only to be used rectally. There are kinds that can be used vaginally as well which can help relax spasms in a woman’s pelvis and alleviate any pain in that region as well. A 100mg suppository costs about 10$.

SmokingVapingOil Drops and SpraysCapsulesEatingDrinkingSuppositories
Effective time
Side Effects SmellMild smellnonenonePsychoactivePsychoactivenone
Approx price range $5-20$ per gram50$ per cartridge50-100$ per gram200 for 300$5$ per dose50-20$ per gram10$ for 100 mg
AvailabilityIn some statesIn some statesIn some statesIn some statesIn some statesIn some statesIn some states
PrescriptionDepends on stateDepends on stateDepends on stateDepends on stateDepends on stateDepends on stateDepends on state

What Are the Different Ways to Use Medical Marijuana?

Basically, if you’re looking for something that works really fast then smoking or vaping are your best options.

If you want the most potent forms then you might want to try oil drops/sprays or suppositories. For a fun and delicious time go for edibles or drinks. If you just want to take your dose no nonsense then of course capsules are your best bet.

Thank you for reading our article “What is the Best Way to Take Medical Marijuana – 7 Popular Ways for You to Know.”

If you have any experiences or insight then please share them with us so that everyone can benefit in order to get the maximum gain from using medical marijuana in the way that suits us the most.

If you would like to leave a comment or question do so below or on our twitter line. We would love to hear from you.

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