The Stuff Extra Detox Review

In my detailed Stuff Extra Detox drink review I am going to talk about product instructions and our recommendations including your chances of passing a urine drug test using it.


The Stuff Extra Detox drink may increase your chances of passing your urine drug test.

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Up until most recently, the use of recreational drugs has been illegal and frowned upon by the majority of individuals. However, the tide is beginning to turn as the use of recreational marijuana gains more and more acceptance throughout the United States.

Nonetheless, most workplaces still maintain a strict ‘no drugs’ policy. The reason is that employers worry about their reputation and customer satisfaction. In the employers mind, a loose drug policy can lead to employees invariably showing up for work high, causing work related accidents and/or providing poor customer service to their valued customers.

That’s why recreational drug users fear the possibility of having to undergo a drug test as part of the job interview process for which they are not prepared.

It’s not that they intend to show up high for their job interview. Their fear is that they will be required to undergo a drug test that tests positive for drugs that they have taken many days, weeks, or months ago. Sure, your interviewer may rate you as 10/10 and deem you perfect for the job.

But if your drug screen comes back positive, there’s really nothing that they can do to help you. You’ll almost certainly be denied a job offer.

This is where products like The Stuff Extra Detox come in handy. The Stuff Extra Detox is basically a drink that might help people pass a drug test given on short notice as either part of the hiring process or part of a random drug test policy.

Passing such tests will help the prospective employee secure the job he/she so desperately wants and perhaps help the existing employee avoid being fired.

Those who would rather not rely on detox drinks can plan ahead by not doing any drugs a couple of months before an important interview or detox their body properly using reliable whole body detox programs combine with a natural body detoxification approach.

People who are on prescription drugs that may show up positive on a drug screen need not worry about this whole ordeal. You can’t fail a drug test because you’re on a prescription drug. Just let the company know that you’re on medication and give them the contact info of your doctor so they can confirm with him or her.

Please note that products like The Stuff Extra Detox haven’t been medically tested or research by professionals. So their safety can’t be guaranteed. If you’re pregnant, have kidney or liver problems, or are on medication, then it’s best to avoid such products or consult your doctor before using them.

Overview – How Can The Stuff Extra Detox Drink Help You?

Most sellers of The Stuff Extra Detox drink claim the product works by helping your body cleanse itself of all toxins by speeding up the body’s elimination of the toxins. This is in fact not strictly true!

Although most detox drinks claim to work this way, they actually work by increasing the body’s urine output. This increase in volume dilutes the urine to the point where the concentration of toxins and drug elements in the urine are difficult to detect through normal testing.

The Stuff Extra Detox, apart from its liquid content, contains lots of vitamins and minerals and almost no herbs. This is great in one respect because herbs can be harmful to the body. However, at the same time, overloading the body and kidneys with too many minerals can also be harmful.

The drink comes in two flavors: fruit and grape. Its effects should last between 1 to 5 hours making it long acting which is great. Sadly, it’s not clear how soon it starts working. However, it would be safe to assume that the product begins to work about an hour or so before your urine drug test.

As we said, The Stuff Extra Detox drink works by diluting the body’s urine. So if you’re being drug tested via blood sample, mouth swab, or hair sample, then The Stuff Extra Detox will be of no practical use to you.


  • 20 oz bottle Stuff Extra Detox different fruit flavors grape and fruit punch.


Stuff Extra Detox Ingredients

The Stuff Extra Detox contents:

  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Biotin
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12
  • Burdock root
  • Nettle leaf
  • Milk thistle
  • Caffeine
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Fruit pectin
  • Uva ursi

As you can see, the drink is loaded with minerals, vitamins, and a few herbs. The caffeine, uva ursi, and burdock root all act as diuretics to increase urine output. The creatine monophosphate helps prevent lab tests from detecting that urine has been diluted although new lab tech can still detect the change.

Most of the other elements in the drink are there to replace the diluted minerals since you’ll be drinking lots of water.

Short Summery Instruction:

Stuff Extra Detox Drink Instructions

First Step: STOP using Marijuana

Minimum 48 hours before using The Stuff Extra Detox drink, you must STOP using marijuana.  The longer you refrain from using marijuana, the easier it is to mask the toxins in your urine.

Every hour you lay off marijuana, the lower the THC becomes in your body.

Second Step: Take the Cleansing Drink

Stuff Extra Detox Drink Instructions
  • A couple of hours before you test, shake and drink the entire bottle,
  • Wait 15 mins then refill the bottle with water and drink it all up,
  • Keep drinking water and urinate several times before you test.

Tips for Best Results:

  1. Try to abstain from drugs at least a week before your urine drug test,
  2. Eat light fruits and vegetables before using the product,
  3. Avoid heavy meals,
  4. Drink plenty of water but add some salt to it to avoid water intoxication



  1. Multiple ingredients that increase urine output to cause dieresis.
  2. Vitamin B adds yellowish color to you urine – keeping it look authentic.
  3. Creatine can help avoid the detection of urine dilution.
  4. Includes electrolytes to balance the increased intake of water.
  5. Doesn’t contain many potentially harmful herbs.
  6. Works for up to 5 hours.
  7. Not expensive.


  1. Doesn’t work straightaway.
  2. Many negative reviews.
  3. Fruit pectin ingredient can cause diarrhea.
  4. Contains too many unnecessary ingredients.
  5. New lab tech can detect dilution despite of the addition of creatine.
  6. Safety hasn’t been tested and not FDA approved.
  7. Better avoided by those who are pregnant or who suffer from heart, kidney, and/or liver disease.

Customer Support

Customer support for The Stuff Extra Detox drink is provided by products via e-mail, chat, and phone line.

Common Stuff Extra Detox Questions

Here are some common questions (with answers) that I get.

How do you take Stuff Extra Detox?

A couple of hours before you test, shake and drink the entire bottle, wait 15 mins then refill the bottle with water and drink it all up. Keep drinking water and urinate several times before you test.

How long does the Stuff Extra Detox last?

Its effects should last between 1 to 5 hours making it long acting which is great.

Stuff Extra Detox Drink-Final Verdict

Update 2023!! The Stuff Extra Detox doesn’t really offer anything different from other detox drinks available on the market. It has some benefits like the added diuretic effect. But the presence of too many minerals is worrying and can be dangerous. Many customers who used the drink found it to be unhelpful.

If you are opened to try something new, then you might consider using the Stuff Extra Detox drink on your drug test day.

Overall Ranking: 2.9/5 3 Stars rating

Hope you found our The Stuff Extra Detox review useful. If you have any prior experience using The Stuff Extra Detox, then please share it with us in the comments. Surely others trying to find the best way to detox will benefit greatly from your experience.

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