Does UPS Drug Test for Employment?

“Does UPS drug test for employment?” This is something that’s probably on your mind if you’re looking to work as a package handler or driver at the multinational company such as UPS. UPS is known worldwide for its excellent services and is a place lots of people look to for jobs. Whether as a part time job to gain experience or as a full time job, working at UPS is always an attractive option.

Finding and actually securing a job is much harder for recreational drug users than it is for people who don’t use drugs. A lot of companies still have a strict ‘no drugs’ policy that doesn’t allow them to hire those who fail a drug screen.

Is UPS one of these companies? That’s the question that I tried to answer through my research. Hopefully you’ll find my findings below of benefit if you are a recreational drug user and looking for employment at UPS.

UPS Company Facts

UPS is a world famous delivery company that was founded in Seattle in 1907, over 112 years ago. Its current headquarters are now located in Atlanta, Georgia. UPS is currently one of the world’s largest delivery companies with almost half a million employees under contract. This makes UPS is an ideal company for those who have no, or little, job experience to find great job opportunities.

There are many different jobs you can apply for at UPS. The most popular of course are those as drivers or package handlers. These are the two most common job opportunities at UPS and the most in demand. Additionally you could work in UPS warehouses or at company headquarters in Atlanta. But these jobs aren’t nearly as common and are therefore harder to get.

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UPS Drug Test Policy in 2023

UPS has a strict no drug policy. Under no circumstances will you be offered a job or be allowed to continue working there if your drug test shows up positive for any of the substances they test it for. The most commonly tested substances are marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, as well other less common drugs.

What to Expect During UPS Hiring Process?

The hiring process at UPS couldn’t be simpler. Just sign up on their website and apply for a job you’re interested in. In a few days they’ll call you to set up an interview. You’ll only usually have to go through one interview and it shouldn’t be too difficult. After that, if hired, you’ll start orientation in a week or so and begin work shortly thereafter. Overall, the entire hiring process should take no more than 2 weeks from start to finish.

Does UPS Drug Test for Employment?

As a rule of thumb, UPS does not do pre-employment  drug testing. Things are different however if you are applying for a job as a driver. So basically, if you’re applying for any job at UPS – other than a driver – like package handler for example, you won’t need to be drug tested.

On the other hand, as stated above, if you’re applying for a job as a driver, then passing a drug test is mandatory before they will hire you.

So those looking to work in a warehouse, customer service, or even package handling while using drugs recreationally will find it easier to be hired than those looking to become drivers at UPS. If your aim is to work there as a driver, part time or full time, you should abstain from drugs at least for 2 months before going in for your interview in order for your drug test to be negative for drugs.

The continued use of drugs anytime within 2 months of your interview for a position as driver is incredibly foolish. You’ll most likely end up failing the drug test and not getting the job because of it.

Does UPS Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Test?

Yes, UPS has the right to drug test you whenever they see fit. However, the company normally doesn’t exercise this right by carrying out random or scheduled drug tests on their employees without due cause. They’ll normally only test you if your supervisor or manager thinks you’re under the influence at work. In which case, if you do test positive to being on drugs on the job, you’ll most likely be fired.

Some former employees say that UPS makes you sign a statement saying you won’t use drugs while employed there. This is an indication of how seriously they take the issue. They won’t tolerate someone showing up for work high.

There’s not enough information on whether UPS drug tests employees before promoting them. However, it’s always best to play it safe and assume that they will test rather than risk losing the promotion because of a surprise test.

What Kind of Drug Test Does UPS Use?

UPS, when needed, relies on a urine drug test. You’ll be asked to urinate in a cup and give them the sample for testing at one of their contracted labs. The lab will screen the urine for the drugs we mentioned above and send a report back to UPS with the results.

Does UPS Use a 5 Panel Drug Test?

Yes, they do. You will be checked for the most commonly tested substances like marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, barbiturates and benzodiazepines.

Can You Fail a Drug Test if You’re on Prescription Drugs?

There’s no way that you can fail to get a job at UPS just because you’re on prescription drugs. They’re not allowed to preclude you from getting the job because of that. In order to avoid a mix up and have the company think you’re someone who uses drugs for fun, you can let them know in advance that you’re on a prescription.

You can also give them your doctor’s contact info so they can call and confirm that you’re on drugs that may show up positive on a drug test. They’re not allowed to ask you, or your doctor, what it is you’re taking or why you’re taking it though. So don’t feel pressured to reveal that information.

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How to Pass Urine Drug Test at UPS?

If you are applying for a driver job at UP, you should be aware of how long THC can be detected in your urine.

These three important facts will help you to choose the best approach in your case in order to increase your odds of passing your urine test.

  1. Light users- might test positive for THC for up to 4-5 days from the time of their last use,
  2. Moderate users – might test positive for up to 10-12 days after their last use, and
  3. Heavy user-might test positive from 35 to 90 days.

If you are light or moderate marijuana user, you have a decent chance to passing your test if you have a handy detox drinks like Mega Clean or Herbal Clean QCarbo32 readily available. This should be taken on the day of your drug test.

However, if you are a heavy user, there is a high chance that you will fail your test using such detox drinks unless you abstained from marijuana for a prolonged period of time (35-60 days).

Heavy users might significantly increase their chances of passing their urine tests if they consider competing at least a 10 day whole body detox program combined with light aerobic exercise, visiting  sauna, drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet (no sugar, fats and junk food).


So, if you’re trying to get a job as a driver at UPS while using drugs recreationally, it will be quite a challenging process. Alternatively, other job positions at the company don’t require drug testing and as long as you stay sober on the job, you’ll be fine.

Thank you for reading our article “Does UPS drug test for Employment?”

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We believe others who are applying for jobs at UPS will definitely appreciate and benefit from it.

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