Puriclean X2 Double Strength Review

In this Puriclean X2 Double Strength review I am going to talk about the product details including instructions, pros and cons and provide our recommendations.


Puriclean X2 Double Strength may increase your chance to pass a urine drug test.

Overall Ranking: 2.7/5 3 Stars rating

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Being asked to submit a urine sample for drug testing can be quite stressful for recreational drug users. It is even more stressful if you are given only a day or two advance warning that you’ll have to submit a urine sample for drug testing.

The worst case scenario is that you are required to undergo a urine drug test with little or no advance warning as the result of a work related accident or suspicion on the part of your supervisor that you are ‘high’ on the job – giving you little or no time to detox. In such situations, Puriclean X2 Double Strength may be considered as an option to help you pass your test.

Most users don’t see any harm in using marijuana recreationally. Well, even only occasional users of the weed are taking a risk if they are currently employed or just looking for a job. If you’re already employed, your employers might request a surprise random drug test at any point in time. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a job, a lot of potential employers have a very strict ‘no drugs’ policy. It would be quite a shame to miss out on a good job opportunity just because you occasionally use marijuana recreationally.

This is where a product like Puriclean X2 Double Strength comes in handy. Just by taking a few capsules and drinking lots of water, you might just be able to pass that sudden urine drug screen.

It must be noted, however, that products like Puriclean X2 Double Strength haven’t been clinically tested and approved by the Federal Drug administration. Therefore, the safety of such detox products can’t be completely guaranteed.

If you’re pregnant, suffer from liver or kidney disease, or if you’re on prescription drugs, then we suggest you avoid using detox products such as Puriclean X2 Double Strength altogether, or at least first consult your doctor before using.

Overview – How Can ‘Puriclean X2 Double Strength’ Help You?

Sellers of Puriclean X2 Double Strength claim “this product is double the strength of the typical cleanser and begins working instantly with technology specifically formulated to rid your body of toxins. With two unique, proprietary blends, Puriclean X2 is designed to be one of our strongest and most effective complete body cleansers ever!”

Puriclean X2 Double Strength might be effective against environmental and food toxins. However, we have no proof that this product works well in cleansing the body from drug metabolites.

As with most detox drinks, Puriclean X2 Double Strength works by diluting the urine in the body to the point where drug remnants and metabolites are undetectable through routine urine testing.

The way that most detox products work (i.e. diluting the urine) is a great idea in theory. However, the products’ efficiency varies from one person to another. Sadly, many people have reported failing their drug test despite using Puriclean X2 Double Strength.

The good news is that by diluting the urine, the effects of Puriclean X2 Double Strength aren’t specific to a particular drug. Whatever drug you’re using will be diluted as your body will be producing large amounts of dilute urine.

Unlike most detox products, Puriclean X2 doesn’t come in a liquid form. When you order the product you’ll receive colored capsules along with an empty bottle.

You’re supposed to take the capsules first, and then fill the bottle with purified water and drink. This makes Puriclean X2 Double Strength a better option for people who don’t like the taste of detox drinks. The downside is that apart from the capsules, you’ll literally only be getting an empty bottle. You’ll need to find and fill the bottle with purified water yourself.


The detox effects of Puriclean X2 should start in about 45 minutes and last for over 5 hours, making it rapidly acting and moderately lasting. The 16oz (empty) bottle comes with 4 colored and 4 clear capsules.

Puriclean X2 Double Strength Ingredients:

We will concentrate on describing the contents of the capsules, as the bottle comes empty.

There are 4 clear capsules, each containing:

  • Vitamin B2 50mg
  • Creatine 400mg
  • Burdock 250mg
  • Dandelion 200mg
  • Soy Protein 200 mg
  • Camomile Flower 200mg

Additionally, there are 4 green and yellow capsules, each containing:

  • Burdock (root) 400mg
  • Dandelion (root) 200mg
  • Red Clover (root) 200mg
  • Alfalfa (leaf) 200mg
  • Slippery Elm (Bark) 200mg

The riboflavin (vitamine B2) is useful in that it keeps the urine yellow. When urine is diluted it may become transparent, alerting the lab to the fact that the urine has in fact been diluted by a detox product. So, the addition of riboflavin can be quite useful.

Creatine is another element that can become too low through the use of a detox product, alerting the labs to the fact that the urine has been diluted. So, the inclusion of creatine in the capsules ensures that its concentration in the tested urine appears normal.

Dandelion and burdock are used to increase urine output; so as a result, your kidneys are forced to produce extra urine.

Summery Instruction:

Puriclean X2 Double Strength Review

First Step: STOP using Marijuana

Minimum 48 hours before using Puriclean X2, you must STOP using marijuana. The longer you refrain from using marijuana, the easier it is to mask the toxin in your urine.

Every hour you lay off marijuana, the body lowers the THC

Second Step: Take the Puriclean X2

Puriclean X2 Double Strength Review
  • Buy two bottles of purified water (at your own time and expense).
  • Fill the empty bottle that comes with Puriclean X2 Double Strength with the purified water and drink along with the green and yellow capsules.
  • Refill the bottle with purified water and drink again while taking the clear capsules.
  • Urinate a couple of times before you provide your urine sample.
Our #1 Recommendation for Effective DetoxHelp you to pass your drug test

To obtain best results, you should:

  1. Try to abstain from drugs at least two days before your drug test.
  2. Drink lots more water.



  1. Widely available.
  2. Riboflavin and creatine content obscures the fact that your urine has been intentionally diluted.
  3. Doesn’t add unnecessary vitamins to your body.
  4. Relies on capsules, so no bad taste of detox drinks.
  5. Works in about 45 minutes, and lasts for over 5 hours.


  1. Has products like alfalfa which can cause side effects.
  2. You need to get your own purified water to fill the empty bottle that comes with the product.
  3. Not flawless – has negative reviews.
  4. Medical safety not confirmed and better avoided by pregnant women, people with liver or kidney disease, and those on prescription drugs.

Customer Support

For any assistance regarding Puriclean X2 Double Strength, contact www.amazon.com using email, phone, or online chat and they’ll be able to provide you with the assistance you need and answer your questions.

Puriclean X2 Double Strength Final Verdict

Update 2022!! Puriclean X2 Double Strength is one of the many detox products that users try to take in order to increase their odds of passing their drug test. We have seen a wide variety of feedback from users, with some users reporting decent results. The fact that it comes with capsules and an empty bottle makes it unique among all detox products.

If you prefer using capsules instead of liquid detox products and would like to try something new, you might consider using Puriclean X2 Double Strength. If you check yourself with a home urine test in one hour after using it, you will see how effective this product will be in your case.

Overall Ranking: 2.7/5 3 Stars rating

Hope you found our Puriclean X2 Double Strength review useful. If you have any prior experience using Puriclean X2 Double Strength then please share it with us in the comments. Surely others trying to find the best way to detox will benefit greatly from your experience.

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