Top 5 Financial Institutions That Drug Test New Employees

Drug addiction is a major concern around the world. Leading companies and financial institutes ensure to hire competent employees who are physically and mentally fit and have no addiction issues. They have strict policies and drug screening and tests before or during the hiring process.

However, understanding these drug testing policies and requirements is difficult, which is why I will discuss their policies to help you. We are going to discuss the top 5 financial institutions that drug test employees in 2022.

Top 5 Financial Institutions That Drug Test Employees

Following are the leading financial institutions that drug test employees.


Does CitiBank Drug Test?

Yes, Citibank drug tests its employees before hiring them.

A few Facts about Citibank

Citibank is one of the largest financial institutions in the US, with over 200 million customers worldwide. It was founded on June 16, 1812. Its parent organization is Citigroup, Citicorp LLC, and it has hundreds of branches across the globe.

CitiBank Drug Test Policy in 2022

  1. Employers require a urine test.
  2. The test should be done within 24 hours of receiving the job offer.
  3. Failing the drug test results in withdrawal of the offer.
  4. They check for cocaine, opioids, marijuana, and other drugs.

What to Expect During CitiBank Hiring Process?

You need to go through the drug testing process right after you get the offer letter (before you get the joining letter). The test is unsupervised, and you can do it yourself. They may also take background and drug tests once they offer you a job.

Does CitiBank Do Pre-Employment Drug Test and Random Tests?

Yes, Citibank does pre-employment drug tests but does not do random tests.

What kind of Drug Test CitiBank does?

Citibank does urine tests as a standard drug screening test.

US Bank

Does US Bank Drug Test?

As per my research, the majority of the people say that US Bank does drug tests.

A few Facts about US Bank

US Bank has Nearly 70,000 employees in 13 countries, making it one of the fastest-growing financial institutions in the US. It has over $559 billion assets as of June 30, 2021. It was founded on July 13, 1863, in Portland, Oregon, United States.

US Bank Drug Test Policy in 2022

  1. Employees must appear for drug testing after getting the offer letter.
  2. All applicants must appear for drug tests when needed.
  3. Drug screening should be within 24-hours of receiving the offer letter.
  4. US Bank requires a test for drugs like heroin, opioids, marijuana, etc.

What to Expect During US Bank Hiring Process?

US Bank’s hiring process is similar to other banks, including applications and interviews. However, they can demand a background check, take finger imprints, and inquire about your record.

Does US Bank Do Pre-Employment Drug Test and Random Tests?

US Bank does pre-employment drug tests and random tests.

What kind of Drug Test does US Bank does?

US Bank has a standard urine test for drug screening. These tests are unsupervised, and candidates can submit their samples.

JP Morgan

Does JP Morgan Drug Test?

Yes, JP Morgan drug tests its potential employees.

A few Facts about JP Morgan

JP Morgan Company is one of the leading financial institutions in the US right now, with thousands of employees. It provides the best mobile banking and financial services in the country and enjoys the title of the world’s best private bank too.

JP Morgan Drug Test Policy in 2022

  1. All applicants must appear for drug testing before the final job hiring.
  2. The testing usually needs to take place within 24-hours of getting the offer letter.
  3. Failing the drug tests leads to withdrawal from the job.
  4. The company tests for drugs like amphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, etc

What to Expect During JP Morgan Hiring Process?

The hiring process at JP Morgan is straightforward, including the application, interviews, etc. However, you may opt for an online interview in the COVID-19 conditions. You will need to go through a standard background check and drug testing.

Does JP Morgan Do Pre-Employment Drug Test and Random Tests?

Yes, JP Morgan does pre-employment drug tests, and I think they perform random tests as well.

What kind of Drug Test does JP Morgan do?

JP Morgan primarily uses urine tests for drug screening tests.

 Morgan Stanley

Does Morgan Stanley Drug Test?

Yes, Morgan Stanley drug tests its employees before hiring them.

A few facts about Morgan Stanley

The company started its operations in 1935 in the Morgan Stanley Building. They provide financial investment planning and other IPO underwriting tasks.

Morgan Stanley Drug Test Policy in 2022

  1. Morgan Stanley’s drug test policy involves screening for various drugs like opioids, marijuana, heroin etc.
  2. All potential employees need to go through this test before getting hired.
  3. Candidates need to withdraw their application if they fail the drug screening.
  4. Employees need to present their drug screen reports within 24 hours.

What Happens During Morgan Stanley Hiring Process?

Morgan Stanley may require a background check, drug testing, and a fingerprint test if needed (from what I researched).

Does Morgan Stanley Do Pre-Employment Drug Test and Random Tests?

Morgan Stanley does not require pre-employment drug tests but can randomly drug test employees (sometimes).

What kind of Drug Test does Morgan Stanley perform?

They usually do a urine test to determine whether an employee abuses illegal drugs.

 Goldman Sachs

Does Goldman Sachs Drug Test?

Yes, Goldman Sachs drug tests new employees before hiring them.

A few Goldman Sachs Company Facts

Goldman Sachs was founded in 1869, New York and now stands as one of the leading financial institutions in the US. It owns total assets worth US$1.2 trillion (2020) and has over 40,500 employees (2020). It also has a revenue of $70.3 million, making it a top-tier company.

Goldman Sachs Drug Test Policy in 2022

  1. Goldman Sachs can drug test new employees.
  2. New applicants need to produce tests usually after they receive the offer letter.
  3. They do not hire employees who fail the drug test.
  4. Goldman Sachs tests for several drugs, including marijuana.

What to Expect During Goldman Sachs Hiring Process?

The hiring process at Goldman Sachs is simple. After interviews, they ask potential candidates who receive the offer letter for drug testing and background test. You can join the firm once you clear all the tests and requirements.

Does Goldman Sachs Do Pre-Employment Drug Test and Random Tests?

Yes, Goldman Sachs does pre-employment drug testing and random testing.

What kind of Drug Test does Goldman Sachs perform?

Goldman Sachs does urine testing to check for drug use.

Final Summary

All reputable financial institutions have a basic urine testing policy, but there may be some exceptions or specific policies. It is best to stay away from using drugs if you plan to join/apply for these financial institutions anytime soon or it may be a risk to your job.

Thank you for reading our article “Top 5 Financial Institutions that Drug Test New Employees in 2021!” We hope you found it helpful.

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