Does Goldman Sachs Drug Test New Employees?

Goldman Sachs is not just one of the largest banks in the United States; it’s one of the largest in the world. I’m not surprised at all by the messages I’m receiving from people asking me “does Goldman Sachs drug test new employees?”

Unfortunately, getting a job is more difficult if you’re a recreational drug user. Many states have legalized the use of marijuana but most companies still prefer to drug screen applicants and employees.

You might have all the credentials and qualifications to get the job but end up being disqualified because you failed your drug test. Even if you use drugs, by doing your research, you can identify whether or not Goldman Sachs drug tests job applicants and prepare accordingly so you can pass it.

Goldman Sachs Company Facts

Goldman Sachs Headquarters is in NY. The bank was founded in 1869. It’s a global name that is known by everyone who works in finances industry. When it comes to total revenue, it is ranked number 62 on the Fortune 500. Over 38,000 people are employed by the bank that operates all over the world.

At Goldman Sachs, you can work in investment, project management, trading, regulatory compliance, trading platform technology, or any number of jobs related to finance. It’s a diverse bank that branches into many other fields so you’ll have plenty of opportunities. You can also apply to a job at HQ there are other branches involved like Human Resources if your qualifications suit these kinds of jobs better.

Keep Reading to Find OutHow to Pass Your Drug Test

Goldman Sachs Drug Test Policy in 2023

Goldman Sachs has a strict no drug policy. As one of the largest banks in the world and one on the Fortune 500, it has a huge reputation to uphold. The company will not risk its reputation and the money of its clients so it is more inclined to filter out drug users while screening applicants for jobs.

When applying for a job at Goldman Sachs, you will be required to pass a drug test. You might also be drug tested during your employment. The following drugs will be tested: benzodiazepines, amphetamines, barbiturates, opioids, cocaine, and others. To make sure you get and keep the job, you should abstain from drug use.

What to Expect During Goldman Sachs Hiring Process?

The hiring process at Goldman Sachs isn’t an easy one. You’ll need to submit a job application and wait to hear back from them. Most candidates need to go through a phone interview first. After passing the phone interview, you’ll need to attend multiple long interviews. During my search, I found that interviews can last multiple hours. You have to prepare beforehand and work on your stamina to keep performing well.

Does Goldman Sachs Drug Test New Employees for Marijuana?

Yes, Goldman Sachs does pre-employment drug testing. Fortunately, however, they don’t drug test for marijuana according to my latest research.

This is a great step as many people in the country right now use marijuana recreationally, especially since it’s legal in many states. If you use other drugs without a prescription, however, you will be in trouble.

You will be told ahead of time that you will need to complete a drug test within a specific number of weeks. This should give you enough time to get the drugs out of your system so you can pass the test. The sooner you abstain from drugs, the greater your chances of passing.

Does Goldman Sachs Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug test?

Goldman Sachs has the right to perform random drug tests. The company has multiple instances where it drug tests employees without a specific cause or warning. It will be part of your contract that they’re allowed to drug test you.

It’s not clear if the company drug tests employees before promoting them. Given the strict drug policies involved in the company’s hiring process, it would be fair to assume that they would drug test employees before promoting them. If you get a job at Goldman Sachs, you’ll need to abstain from drugs anyway in case of any potential random drug tests. This should help you pass a pre-promotional drug test too.

What kind of Drug Test Does Goldman Sachs Use?

Goldman Sachs relies on a urine drug test. They will notify you that you will need to complete a urine drug test within a specific number of weeks. You will most likely have 2-3 weeks to take the drug test and pass it.

Can You Fail Your Drug Test for Using Prescription Drugs?

Goldman Sachs and other companies can’t fail you for using prescription drugs that can show up as positive on a drug screen. This isn’t legal and they’re not allowed to discriminate against you because of it. You should, however, prove that you’re taking prescription drugs that can show up on a drug test. This can be done by giving your interviewer or boss your physician’s number.

They can call to confirm with your doctor that you’re on a prescription for drugs that can show up as positive on a drug test. They’re not allowed to ask what you’re taking or why you’re taking it. That kind of information is confidential and should remain between you and your physician.

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How to Pass Drug Test at Goldman Sachs?

The best approach to passing a urine drug test at Goldman Sachs is to avoid using any substances for a while (at least 7-9 days). However as Goldman Sachs most likely does not test for marijuana it will be less challenging to pass a urine drug test as you might test positive for the most prohibited substances only for up to 7-8 days since last time of use. If you are a light user, it usually takes 2-3 days to become clean.

If you don’t have enough time to cleanse naturally, I have seen that some users consider using a detox drink like Mega Clean or Herbal Clean QCarbo20. These drinks are only effective for 5 hours and should be taken on your drug test day.

If you would like to significantly speed up your natural body detoxification process, you might consider completing a 3-5 whole body detox program.


Goldman Sachs is a large corporation and a great place to work. You’ll get a great salary and excellent benefits. Unfortunately, getting a job there is difficult due to the drug limitations but it’s a good thing that they don’t drug test for marijuana considering it’s widely used. If you want to apply for a job there, the best approach would be abstaining from using recreational drugs for a while.

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