Does Citibank Drug Test New Employees?

Citibank is more than just a bank. It’s a home to thousands of employees around the globe. You might be living in the United States but Citibank can be found all over the globe in dozens of cities. If you have a degree in banking or finance, Citibank would be a great place to look for a job. Asking “does Citibank drug test new employees?” would be a wise thing to do before you start your job application process.

In the current economy, finding a job is hard. It’s an even harder task for people that use marijuana and other drugs. Many companies screen applicants using background checks and drug screens.

If your drug screen comes back positive, you won’t get the job even if your interview went well. I did some research to determine if Citibank drug tests new employees. Hopefully, this can help you prepare for your interview so you can get the job you want.

Citibank Company Facts

Citibank was founded in 1812 in New York. It’s one of the oldest and biggest banks in the country and world. The bank operates in 19 countries and has thousands of branches. Tens of thousands of employees work at Citibank and enjoy a multitude of benefits. It’s a pleasant working environment where you can grow as a person and a professional.

When conducting a job search, Citibank has a variety of jobs that you can apply to. You’ll most likely need to have a degree or experience in finance and banking. You can work as a loan processor, a teller, a financial advisor, or any other number of jobs related to finance. Since online banking is very prominent, you might be able to find job in IT. Other jobs in departments such as HR and marketing might also be available. It will depend on your CV and what you’re most qualified for.

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Citibank Drug Test Policy in 2024

Citibank will not tolerate or allow drug use among its employees. As one of the largest and most well known banks in the world, Citibank handles billions of dollars. Drug use while on the job can lead to a mistake that can end up costing the bank millions of dollars, resources, money, and clients. Customer complaints against employees that seem to be under the influence of drugs at work will not be tolerated either.

You can expect to be tested for several drugs before working at Citibank. These are marijuana, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, opioids, cocaine, and others. Try to stay away from all of these substances while working at Citibank and before your interview.

What to Expect During Citibank Hiring Process

The hiring process at Citibank isn’t too complicated. The first part is to fill out an application. This can usually be done online by visiting their website and checking for job vacancies. You need to be thorough and apply to jobs you have a high chance of getting. They will then call you to set up an interview.

The entire process can be lengthy. Most people are hired at Citibank after a month of applying. The average time is about 3-6 weeks depending on the branch and how fast the process is.

Does Citibank Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Citibank relies on pre-employment drug tests. If you do well on your interview, they’ll want to hire you.

First, however, they’ll need to do a background check and have you take a drug test. Failing either of these tests will rule you out from the running for the job even if you are qualified for it and did very well on your interview.

If you’re serious about getting a job at Citibank, you need to abstain from drugs at least 2 months before your interview. This should give your body enough time to eliminate toxins and remnants of drugs. People who continue to use drugs and have positive pre-employment drug tests can say goodbye to their chances of getting hired at Citibank.

Does Citibank Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Test?

It will say in your contract that you agree to be drug tested randomly during your employment at Citibank. The odds of you actually getting tested, however, are almost non-existent. As long as your job performance is great and you don’t show up to work under the influence, you should be fine. If customers complain about your behavior or you’re involved in a work accident, you will most likely need to take a drug test.

There’s not enough information on whether or not you’ll need to pass a drug test before a promotion. It’s always better to be safe than sorry though. If you’re up for a promotion, you should abstain from drugs for a while in case they need to drug test you. Failing a drug test before a promotion will most likely cost you your current job too.

What kind of Drug Test Does Citibank Use?

Citibank uses a urine drug test. You will be directed to a private place where you can urinate in a sample cup. You will then need to return the cup to the person supervising you. The sample will be sent to a lab and analyzed. Results are reported back to Citibank and they’ll let you know what the next step of the hiring process is.

Can You Fail Your Drug Test for Using prescription Drugs?

Citibank and other companies can’t fail you if your drug test comes back as positive because you use prescription drugs. If you need these drugs for a medical reason and they were prescribed by a doctor, they can’t discriminate against you. Let them know that you’re taking something that can show up on a drug test and that it’s a prescription. They might need to call your doctor to verify but everything should be fine in the end.

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How to Pass Drug Test at Citibank?

As I mentioned above, if your job interview went well, you will have to pass a urine drug test in order to receive your job offer at Citibank.

If you don’t use marijuana often (1-2 times a week), passing your urine drug test shouldn’t be a big issue. You just need to make sure that you abstain from using marijuana up to 10 before your drug test day. This should give you enough time to cleanse your body naturally properly.

If for any reasons, abstaining is an issue, I have seen that some light/moderate users try taking on their drug test day a detox drink like XXTRA Clean or Herbal Clean QCarbo32.

But, if you use marijuana more than 2 times a week, you will need more time to detox your body naturally (from 45 up to 90 days since your last time of use). In this case, if you don’t have much time to cleanse your body, you might consider completing at least a 10 day whole body detox program in order to drop your THC levels below cutoff levels much faster. Adding a light aerobic exercise, drinking plenty of water, visiting a sauna and following a healthy diet during using this detox program is very helpful as well.


If you want to make sure that you have the best chances of getting a job at Citibank, you have to be very well prepared and ready for your job interview and drug test. Citibank will need you to pass a drug test before hiring you but will most likely never need to test you again if you get hired.

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