Does Gatorade Help to Pass Drug Test?

“Does Gatorade help to pass drug test?” is a common question I have seen on many popular marijuana forums. There are several reasons you might be required to take a drug test. Perhaps the most common reason is while applying for jobs.

Getting a job in the current economy of corona virus pandemic is tough enough. Being a recreational drug user, however, makes it even more difficult. You might be surprised at the end of an interview by the fact that you need to take a drug test. This can complicate things and make the job harder to get despite being very qualified and doing a good job on your interview.

Gatorade is a popular drink that everyone knows. People wonder, however, if it can be useful and reliable in helping them pass drug tests. I decided to do some research on Gatorade to find out whether or not it can help you get the job you want.

What is Gatorade?

Gatorade is a sports drink but many people drink it regularly at home or at work. If you’re wondering why it’s a sports drink, the answer is that it has many beneficial nutrients. Water is often low in sodium, potassium, and other minerals. The goal of a sports drink is to give you the nutrients you need to keep going without dropping performance.

Gatorade won’t just help rehydrate your body; it will also replenish your body with calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphate, and chloride. It also contains sugar to give you energy. Whether you’re playing basketball, lifting weights, or running a marathon, Gatorade has what it takes to keep your body hydrated and fueled.

It’s not all good though. Many people drink Gatorade throughout the day without exerting themselves. You might be tempted to drink Gatorade at home or while you’re at work sitting at your desk. You might like the way it tastes or that it gives you more energy. Unfortunately, drinking Gatorade without playing sports can be harmful. As I mentioned earlier, Gatorade contains sugar.

Consuming sugar without working out or performing any physical activity will make you gain weight. In the long run, you might start to suffer from other consequences like diabetes and hypertension. Gatorade should be consumed in moderation as long as you’re not physically active. It’s okay to drink it every now and then but drinking it daily will do more harm than good.

Drinking Gatorade while exercising isn’t associated with these side effects. You’ll be burning calories and your body will use the sugar in Gatorade to refuel. It won’t build up or accumulate leading to fat and weight gain.

Does Gatorade Have Cleansing Properties?

Gatorade isn’t designed to have cleansing properties. It’s a great product because it has all the minerals and calories to help you get through a tough workout or an intense game/match. It won’t, however, help your body get rid of any toxins or harmful products. When you work out, your body will burn fat and get rid of chemicals through the sweat. Lost water and minerals will be replaced by Gatorade but the cleansing effect is mostly due to the workout not because of the Gatorade.

Does Gatorade Help You Detox?

Gatorade can’t help you detox on its own. As I just said, it can’t remove chemicals from the body. Its job is mainly to restore and replenish. It’s no surprise that athletes and people who exercise feel revitalized after drinking it.

Certo Method Instructions

Gatorade is a main component in the Certo method. The Certo method is a popular way of detoxing before taking a drug test. If you were told that you’ll need to take a drug test after your interview tomorrow or in a few days, your body won’t have enough time to flush the drugs out of your system on its own.

How does it work? You take one packet of Certo and mix it with a bottle of Gatorade 2 hours before your drug test. Next, you’ll need to drink a gallon of water. Try to urinate two or three times before the drug test. This method can help dilute your urine and make it harder for labs to detect any traces of drugs.

What Does Gatorade Do to a Urine test?

Gatorade might help you pass a urine drug test as part of the Certo method especially if you are a light or moderate user.

Your urine will be diluted and drugs will be more difficult to detect. However this is no guaranteed to work as recently Labs started making significant progress with developing and implementing new equipment and methods that can detect drugs in dilute urine.

On its own, Gatorade won’t help you pass a drug test. You will need to drink significant amounts of it. Even then, the Lab will flag your urine as diluted or tampered with. This will raise suspicion and you might be ruled out from the running. Your best bet is to use the Certo method and abstain from drugs for as long as possible before taking the drug test.



  1. Available and can be purchased everywhere.
  2. Easy to find and drink.
  3. Will rehydrate your body.
  4. Contains important minerals.
  5. Useful for athletes and people who like to work out.
  6. It is more effective for light/moderate users.


  1. Won’t work alone to detox or cleanse your body.
  2. It is not effective enough for heavy users.
  3. Certo method isn’t 100% guaranteed to work.
  4. Can lead to obesity, hypertension, and diabetes in people who don’t exercise.


Gatorade is popular all over the world drink and has numerous benefits. Cleansing and detoxing aren’t included.

If you are a light/moderate user, the Certo method might be helpful to drop your THC levels below cutoff levels. However, this is not guaranteed. Mix a packet of Certo with Gatorade and drink it, then drink a gallon of water for the best results.

Many users prefer using popular detox drinks XXTRA Clean or QCarbo32 instead of the Certo method as these drinks proved showing better stable results. Such drinks should be taken on your drug test day.

However if you are a heavy marijuana user, neither the Certo method nor such detox drinks are effective enough to help you pass your urine drug test.

For heavy users if they have enough time until their test I usually recommend considering either abstaining for a while (from 45 up to 90 days) or completing at least a 10 day whole body detox program. I have seen that many heavy users had a good chance of cleansing their bodies before their tests if they follow the detox program instructions and our recommendations to the letter.

Thank you for reading our “Does Gatorade Help to Pass Drug Test in 2020?

We would love to hear about your experience with using Gatorade in order to pass your urine drug test. Please live comment below and I believe others in the same situation will definitely appreciate and benefit from it.

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