Does Green Tea Help to Pass Drug Test?

“Does green tea help to pass drug test?” is one of the most popular questions that I receive from our readers. Finding a job in the current economy isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It’s hard enough to find something that you’re qualified for and would enjoy doing. Additionally, landing a job as a recreational drug user is even harder.

Despite marijuana becoming legal in most states, most employers still ask for a drug test before employment. People are looking into ways that can help them pass their drug tests. Green tea is a nutritious drink that has many benefits. It can be a great and beneficial option for many reasons.

People still want to know whether or not this home remedy can help them pass a drug test. The last thing you want is to fail to get a job because you failed your drug test.

What is Green Tea: Benefits and More

Green tea is an herb that is mostly native to China and India. Most tea comes from these two nations. Hundreds of millions of people consume tea on a daily basis. Almost 80% of the consumed tea, however, is black tea and only 20% of it is green tea. This is despite green tea having many benefits and being very nutritious.

Like black tea, green tea usually comes in packets. You will need to boil water and dip the packet in the water. It’s easy to make and you can choose to add sugar or not. This will depend on your preference.

So, what makes green tea such an appealing option to everyone?

Green tea benefits

1.Green tea has a role in cancer prevention. Some studies show that green tea can help fight damage caused by UVB radiation. This feature makes it effective at protecting against skin cancer. Green tea also seems to have protective effects against these types of cancer: breast, bladder, bowel, lung, throat, ovarian, stomach, and prostate.

2.When it comes to heart health, green tea is also useful. A study showed that people who drank green tea had a lower risk of dying from heart disease. The lower risk was found in people who drank at least 5 cups of green tea per day. The study was done in Japan and included over 40,000 people. It started in 1994. The drink also has a mild capability of lowering LDL levels in the body. LDL is bad cholesterol that increases a person’s risk of heart disease.

3.The correlation between green tea and weight loss is yet to be established.

4.The same applies to the link between green tea and controlling type 2 diabetes. There are a few studies that show that there may be benefit but they’re not conclusive. Additionally, some articles showed that green tea had no effect. More studies will need to be done.

Green tea has a few side effects but they’re usually very mild. People who are sensitive to caffeine might experience insomnia or irritability after drinking green tea. This rarely happens as the amount of caffeine in green tea is very low, especially when compared to the caffeine in coffee and black tea.

Caution should be taken if a patient is on blood thinners as they could interact with the chemicals in green tea.

Does Green Tea Have Cleansing Benefits or Not?

Green tea can help the body get rid of contaminants and toxins. Many people use green tea as a detox drink to get rid of the toxins accumulated in their bodies. What makes green tea great as a detoxing agent is that it’s safe, easy to find, cheap, and easy to make.

How Green Tea Can Help You Detox Your Body?

It’s not entirely clear how green tea helps detox your body. Its detoxing effects aren’t massive. You can’t use drugs today then drink green tea and expect it to get rid of them by tomorrow. Its detoxing effects are mild and take time to happen.

Does Green Tea Actually Help to Pass Drug Test?

If you do not use marijuana often and abstain from drugs for a period of 4 to 10cdays and drink a lot of green tea, it might help you pass your urine drug test.

I know how important this point is to my readers so I want to be as clear as possible. Green tea has mild detoxifying effects and it takes time to work. A couple of cups of green tea won’t do the trick. You’ll need to drink several cups.

People should also know that you can’t keep using drugs and expect green tea to get rid of it. Like I said, the effects of green tea are mild. Try not to drink too much green tea in a few hours or the caffeine might raise your heart rate and lead to tremors or nervousness. You should also avoid drinking it before going to bed.

However green tea can be helpful during natural body detoxification process or while completing a whole body detox program like Toxin Rid. Such detox program significantly speeds up your natural body detoxification process.

If you are a light/moderate user, 2-3 days detox program, along with healthy diet, light exercise, visiting a sauna and drinking green tea or water should be effective enough to detox your body properly.

However if you use marijuana more often (more than 2 times a week), I usually recommend considering completing at least a 10 day detox program. I have seen that many users were able to cleanse their bodies properly on time.

If you prefer using a quick solution like popular detox drinks Mega Clean or QCarbo32, please remember that such drinks are most effective for light or moderate users and should be taken in your drug test day.

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  1. Easy to find and make.
  2. Has numerous health benefits.
  3. Protects against cancer.
  4. Might aid with weight loss.
  5. Protects against heart disease.
  6. Helps get rid of contaminants in the body.


  1. Takes a long time to work to detox your body.
  2. Not effective unless you abstain from drugs.
  3. Its effects are mild.
  4. Might lead to insomnia, increased heart rate, and nervousness.


Green tea is a great drink and it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular. It has numerous benefits and can help your body get rid of contaminants faster than usual. When it comes to passing a urine drug test, green tea is not a reliable drink as its effects are pretty mild.

Thank you for reading our “Does Green Tea Help to Pass Drug Test in 2021?”

We would love to hear about your experience with using green tea in order to pass your urine drug test. Please live comment below and I believe others in the same situation will definitely appreciate and benefit from it.

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