Does Samsung Drug Test New Employees?

Are you looking for career opportunities in an organization making human-driven innovations that impact the globe? Meet Samsung, a brand that has global recognition. Samsung is one of the pioneers in technology and innovation. It is a prime workplace for all aspiring technology-driven individuals. But does Samsung drug test new employees? Let’s find out in the article below.

Samsung Company Facts

Samsung is the largest South Korean multinational company that has existed since 1938.  The success it has achieved thus far is mystifying and larger than life. Today, this brand houses around eighty different businesses in various parts of the world.

It has even contributed to the construction division that brought the world’s tallest building into existence, Burj Khalifa. Samsung also has a stake in heavy industries and owns a four-million square foot shipyard for building ships.

However, what we know this company for is its mind-blowing electronic products. It employs approximately 370,000 professionals across the world. In fact, a rather staggering fact is that Samsung contribute approximately 17% of the Gross Domestic Product of Korea.

The brand is committed to local regulations and laws and also enforces a strict global code of conduct for all its employees. Samsung highly prizes ethical management and uses it as a tool to build trust with its stakeholders.

Its mission is to become one of the leading ethical corporations of the world. With this mission in mind, the brand has established monitoring systems and employee training programs. A transparent corporate management and fair practices are the topmost priorities of this leading global brand.

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Career Opportunities at Samsung

Samsung electronics spreads across seventy countries and more than two hundred locations across the world. There are scores of individuals doing innovative work in every job field belonging to this brand. Each plays a significant role in bringing new solutions and products that millions of people around the world use.

Here are some of the top career fields at Samsung:

  • Sales and marketing – You will find plenteous opportunities in both B2B and B2C landscapes. There are several opportunities here where individuals can bring Samsung experiences and products to even more people around the world.
  • Research and development – Samsung is a research and development business at the core. It invests consistently in the development and research of new technology and always has a place for software developers, hardware engineers etc.
  • Design- innovative designs are a constant for Samsung, and the brand is always looking for creative designers in all regions of the world. They have openings for individuals with unique and promising ideas and a thorough understanding of what consumers worldwide need.
  • Management and administration – in a company as massive as Samsung, there is always a place for competent individuals who can manage and support the business operations. From planning, human resources, finance, legal, CSR to procurement roles, there’s plenty of employment scope here.

What to Expect during Samsung Hiring Process?

The hiring process at Samsung generally comprises of four basic rounds. As a candidate, one must qualify in all four rounds to receive a final placement offer from the organization. The four rounds of the hiring process include:

  • Aptitude test at Global Samsung
  • Technical test
  • Technical interview
  • HR interview
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Samsung Drug Test Policy in 2023

Samsung carries a random drug test for employees. As of 2023, the most common drug screening will include the five-panel drug test that looks for five substances. These include:

  • THC- hash, cannabinoids, or marijuana
  • Phencyclidine (PCP, angel dust)
  • Opiates (opium, morphine, heroin, and codeine)
  • Cocaine- coke, and crack
  • Amphetamines- meth, ecstasy, and speed

Does Samsung Drug Test?

If you are actively seeking employment at Samsung, then you may ask does Samsung drug test. This will relieve many hopeful applicants that the company does not require pre-employment drug screening.

However, if you clear the hiring process and find permanent employment at the company, you may have to undergo random drug testing occasionally. But for applicants undergoing the hiring process, pre-employment screening is not mandated by the company.

The fact that marijuana usage both medically and recreationally is somewhat becoming socially acceptable in many states. A number of states have legalized the use of certain drugs, and certain employers have chosen to follow the same path.

Does Samsung Conduct a Pre-employment Drug Test?

Samsung does not conduct a pre-employment drug test. However, for the recruitment process, here are the documents you will need to present.

  • Your SSLC and HSC mark sheets
  • Graduation and post-grad certificates
  • Updated resume
  • Recent photograph-passport size
  • Photo ID proof – Passport, Government Card etc.

Does Samsung Conduct a Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Test?

Samsung conducts random drug testing for employees on a case-by-case basis. It does not run a pre-promotional screening.

The random drug screening includes a urine or saliva test that checks for the presence of five substances mentioned above.

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Can You Fail Your Drug Test If Your Use Prescription Drugs?

It is possible to fail a drug test under the influence of prescribed drugs. However, in most states the employers do not have legal permission to penalize an employer if they test positive for drugs due to certain prescribed medicines.

How to Pass Drug Test at Samsung?

As Samsung company practices a randome drug testing, you have to be prepared to pass a urine drug test any time.

As you don’t have enough time to cleanse your body properly with a whole body detox program, on your drug test day you might considering using a detox drink like Mega Clean or QCarbo32.

Detox drinks are only effective for light and moderate users and heavy  users if they have abstained from marijuana for a prolonged period of time ( min 2 months).

We have seen that some heavy users prefer using synthetic urine for a randome drug test. This may work for an unsupervised test. However, there is always the risk of being caught and facing penalties for such action.


Even though Samsung company doesn’t drug test for pre-employment, the company does practice random drug testing. So, the best approach would be to avoid using any prohibited substance while working at Samsung and for the emergency situations be fully prepared.

Thank you for reading our article “Does Samsung drug est new employees?”

We would love to hear about your experiences going through the Samsung hiring process and drug testing procedure. We believe others who are applying for jobs at Samsung will appreciate and benefit from it.

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