Does Pizza Hut Drug Test for Employment?

“Does Pizza Hut Drug Test for Employment?” This is a question on the minds of many teens looking for a summer job or someone looking to make money in-between jobs. There are not many places to work that are as great and as popular as Pizza Hut, which is one of the most famous pizza brands throughout the world.

Those looking to work in fast food chains like Pizza Hut are often young people looking to make some spending money or gain some work experience for future employment.

One of the main concerns of a recreational drug user applying for a job at a fast food chain such as Pizza Hut is the possibility of being ambushed with a surprise drug test during the interview process. Not being prepared for, and subsequently failing, such a test will certainly result in the applicant not getting the job.

It is imperative that the applicant knows in advance if the prospective employer might test for illicit drugs as part of the hiring process. This way he/she can prepare well in advance of the interview by abstaining from and illicit drugs.

That’s why, in an effort to enlighten my readers, I’ve researched the question whether or not Pizza Hut drug tests for pre-employment.

Pizza Hut Company Facts

Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 by Frank and Dan Carney. The company is well known for its Italian-American cuisine, ranging from pizza and pasta to other delicious dishes and desserts. There are over 15,000 Pizza Hut restaurants throughout the world with dozens of thousands of employees.

There are a variety of jobs for which a person can apply for at Pizza Hut. You can apply to work as a team member where you will be dealing with customers either in person at the store or over the telephone. If you have more experience, you can even apply as a shift leader or store manager.

There are also kitchen jobs and delivery jobs available if you’re more interested in them.

Keep Reading to Find OutHow to Pass Your Drug Test

Pizza Hut Drug Test Policy in 2023

Pizza Hut has a relatively lenient drug policy, as do most all fast food chains. This lenient drug policy is because of their high employee turnover. People are always coming and going. So there’s not enough time for fast food chains such as Pizza Hut to screen everyone for drugs.

Nonetheless, if you are in a position where they may decide to test you for drugs, you can expect to be tested for marijuana, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, cocaine, amphetamines, among others.

What to Expect During Pizza Hut Hiring Process

Getting a job at Pizza Hut isn’t complicated at all and is actually quite straightforward. First off, you should ask at your local restaurant, or check the online website, to see if they’re hiring. If they are hiring, you can submit your application in person at the restaurant.

After submitting  your application, you can expect a call from them within a couple of days to set up an interview. If you do well in your interview, you’ll be hired on the spot. If you don’t get called within a few days of submitting your application, you should call them back to check on the situation.

Does Pizza Hut Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Luckily for recreational drug users, the answer is ‘no’. Pizza Hut does not drug test for pre-employment.

Fast food chains have a high turnover of employees. Most people see working at a fast food restaurant as a temporary job and they don’t usually spend a long time working there.

It wouldn’t be time efficient or cost effective to drug test every prospective employee that applies for a job at a fast food restaurant. Pizza Hut is no exception.

However, Pizza Hut does carry out a background check on prospective employees. So do keep that in mind. Needless to say, you shouldn’t show up for your interview high as a kite. If so, you will most certainly be turned down for employment.

Does Pizza Hut Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Tests?

Pizza Hut doesn’t usually carry out random or pre-promotional drug tests. The company is only likely to test an employee if he or she is involved in a work related accident  or if the store manager suspects that the individual is high on the job.

Being involved in a work related accident may raise the supervisor’s suspicion that the individual might be under the influence of drugs. This could prompt the company to carry out a drug test.

In order to avoid getting into potential trouble, you should never show up for your shifts while high on drugs. Try not to get into any work related accidents either. If you use drugs in your spare time, they’ll most likely show up on a drug test administered as the result of a work related accident.

People don’t normally stay at fast food restaurants like Pizza Hut long enough to get a promotion. However, you can expect to be drug tested if you do. Being promoted to store manager or being asked to work at corporate level will necessitate your having to first pass a drug test.

Can You Fail a Drug Test While on Prescription Drugs?

No, there’s no way that you can fail a drug test just because you’re only on prescription drugs. If you’re involved in a work accident or up for a promotion, let your employer know that you have a prescription for drugs that might show up on a drug screen.

You can also give them your doctor’s contact info so they can confirm with him or her that you’re on a prescription. They’re not allowed to ask why you’re on prescription meds or why you need them though.

What Kind of Drug Test Does Pizza Hut Use?

On the rare occasion that you’re asked for a drug test while working at Pizza Hut, it’s going to be a urine drug test. You’ll have to urinate in a cup and it’ll be taken to a contracted company lab to be tested for the drugs mentioned earlier.

How to Pass Urine Drug Test at Pizza Hut?

As you might face a random unexpected urine drug test at any time for a work elated accident, you should be aware of the length of time that traces of THC show up in your urine.

If you a light user, you might test positive for THC for up to 4-5 days from the time of your last use. If you are a moderate user you might test positive for up to 10-12 days and a heavy user for up to 35 to 90 days.

If you are a light or moderate user, you might need to have handy a detox drink like Mega Clean or XXTRA Clean, which should be taken on your drug test day.

However, if you are a heavy user, there is a high chance that you will fail your test if you are not prepared for it. We have seen that some heavy users try synthetic urine, if the urine test is unsupervised. However, there is always the risk of being caught and facing the consequences of such action.


Basically, recreational drug users have very little to worry about while applying to a job at Pizza Hut. The company won’t bother testing you for drugs since employees are always coming and going. Take care not to be involved in a work related accident though or you’ll be tested.

Thank you for reading our article “Does Pizza Hut Drug Test for Employment?”

We would love to hear about your experiences going through Pizza Hut hiring process and drug testing procedure.

We believe others who are applying for jobs at Pizza Hut will definitely appreciate and benefit from it.

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