Does Geico Drug Test for Employment?

Many companies around the world scrutinize their employees for drug use. However, does Geico drug test for employment? I have done some research to look closely into Geico’s drug policy to see if job seekers should be concerned before applying to Geico.

In this article you can learn more about Geico’s facts, hiring process their drug policy.

Geico Facts

Geico is one of the biggest insurance companies offering coverage to automobiles. Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, it is the second-largest US insurance company after State Farm. The name Geico entails an entertaining marketing technique with commercials of the lizard entertaining thousands of individuals.

Apart from cars, the company also insures properties and has umbrella coverage as well. Primarily, it is a giant of the insurance industry. Nevertheless, it stretches over different industries across the US when it comes to businesses and investments.

The sole owner of the company is Berkshire Hathaway, and the world-famous investor Warren Buffet leads it. It started as an insurance-providing company to government employees and veterans, and now it covers more than 28 million vehicles across the country and serves a wide range of customers.

Ever since it expanded its customer base from exclusively government employees, the meaning of its name has become misleading. In actuality, the name means government employee insurance company. If you compare the company with other insurance companies in the country, you may not find anything distinctive, apart from its marketability.

They advertise smartly, but this is not the only reason for their large customer base. Apart from that, they have excellent customer service, people have ranked them greatly on customer satisfaction. This is the reason why most employees in the customer service sector are willing to work at the company.

In my opinion, the company hires customer support individuals slightly more than other employment fields. Currently, they have the highest availability in the customer support department, followed by IT and sales. Since the insurance business demand interactions with the customer, they are open to hiring people to communicate with people over the phone.

Geico’s workplace is open to all viable individuals, whether they are recent college graduates or experienced professionals.

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What to Expect During Geico Hiring Process?

Applying for the Geico position is easy. The first step involves heading over to the Geico career site and simply apply for the job. If all goes well, a representative from the company will call you and have a phone interview. They can also invite you to their facility for a computer test.

This is an assessment test that involves you filling out a series of questions that test your problem-solving skills under a time limit. According to my research, the assessment test for customer support, sales, or claims is rather easy.

For customer support, you also have to go through a role-playing assessment. In this, you have to read a few pages over the phone, and the interviewee will ask you to assess over it. Below are some of the steps that you may have to go through, most likely not in that particular order. However, keep in mind; they may switch their process due to the pandemic.

  • Personality Test.
  • Computer assessment.
  • Role-Playing.
  • Shadowing of another employee.
  • Face-to-face interview.

How Long Des It Take to Get Hired?

The company normally has a quick response time after you apply. I found some consensus online that they will typically take about one to two days to call you after receiving your online application. If you pass the call interview, then they will set a date for an on-site test and interview. The time of this date can vary.

The interview process is long and tiring. Most people agree that all of the different steps for hiring take up most of your day. Nevertheless, if you go through all of them and get an offer for employment, it is well worth the wait.

Geico Drug Test Policy in 2023

According to my research, the company tests for drugs and will test you for drugs after you pass the hiring process. This means that after going through the long hiring procedure and clearing all the interviews, it is too early to celebrate.

What Drug Test Does Geico Use?

The drug test is a part of Geico’s extensive background check before employment. The drug test requires performing a hair follicle drug test.

It is important to note that a single strand of hair can reveal drug use, consisting of substances such as marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, PCP, and cocaine.

Out of all these drugs, the most common for recreational and medicinal purposes is marijuana. Hair follicle tests can find a trace amount of marijuana 90 days after the last consumption. In other words, there is a high chance that you will fail the drug test if you consumed marijuana in the last 90 days of the test.

This is something important that you must be aware of before the hair follicle test. In addition to that, a third-party organization will conduct the drug test and all the background checks. Also, a candidate sharing their experience of the drug test explained how Geico revoked their employment offer because they tested exactly on the line of positive and negative.

According to them, they had not consumed the drug in years. Thus, the drug test policy can make or break your employment.

Does Geico Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Test?

In my extensive research, I found no evidence of the company’s history of random testing or post-employment tests. The pre-employment test is, however, very certain.

How to Pass Hair Drug Test at Geico?

Passing a hair drug test could be a very challenging and stressful process. The good news is that there are many marijuana users who have been successful with passing their drug tests using one or a combination of these effective hair cleansing methods: Macujo, Aloe Toxin Rid Treatment and Jerry G methods.

Some users prefer performing only the Macujo method and some  combination of the Macujo and Aloe Toxin Rid Treatment methods, with Ultra Clean shampoo used on their hair drug test day. Some achieved their goals with the Jerry G method.

If you use the right method components and follow the methods instructions and recommendations, you will have a good chance of passing your test.

After completing multiple hair cleansing treatments, it is always recommended to use an express home hair drug test. This will help find out where you stand and let you know if you should try extra hair cleansing methods or not.

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Geico is more likely to test new employees before they start working at the company than the ones who are already working there. Everyone who wants to work in the company must go through a hair drug test process before they can start. Even though it is pretty challenging to pass a hair drug test, it is possible if you are fully prepared.

I hope that we answered the question, “Does Geico drug test for Employment” in the best way possible.

We would love to hear about your experience going through Geico’s hiring process and drug testing procedure.

We believe others applying for jobs at Geico will appreciate and benefit from it.

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