‘Hair Confirm Express Hair Drug Testing Kit’ Review

In this detailed Hair Confirm Express Hair Drug Testing Kit review I am going to discuss how Hair Confirm Express Kit can help you to achieve your goal of passing a hair drug test. This includes product benefits, summary short instruction, pros and cons, and our recommendations.


Hair Confirm Express Hair Drug Testing Kit (‘Express Hair Drug Testing Kit’) will help you confirm hair drug test results before your actual drug test. In addition, it will enable you to test your close partner and/or children for drug abuse.

Overall Ranking: 4/5 4 stars rating

Website: Testclear.com

Price: $129.99
Language: English
Support: Live Chat and Customer Service (free call)

Overview – How Can ‘Express Hair Drug Testing Kit’ Help You?

Express Hair Drug Testing Kit is one of the most popular home hair drug testing kit on the market.

1. If you want to know your hair drug test results before your actual test, you should consider using ‘Express Hair Drug Testing Kit’.
2. If you suspect that your child or close partner use drugs and you want to obtain proof of such fact, you should consider Express Hair Drug Testing Kit. This will help you detect your child’s or partner’s future drug abuse.

Express Hair Drug Testing Kit is a hair drug testing kit that enables you to collect and test hair samples at home.
Express Hair Drug Testing Kit detects drugs for an average of up to 90 days.

Express Hair Drug Testing Kit screens for the following seven illicit drugs:

• Marijuana (THC metabolite),
• Cocaine/Cocaine metabolites,
• Opiates (Codeine, Morphine & 6-monacteyl morphine)
• Amphetamine,
• Methamphetamine,
• Ecstasy,
• Phencyclidine (PCP).

The Seller ‘HairConfirm’ states that all samples are tested using a radioimmunoassay screen. Before any positive test result is confirmed, the sample is subjected to a second, test using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS), considered the gold standard of forensic drug testing.

Hair drug test results are available within 2 business days of the sample being received by the laboratory.

It is imperative to note that the Seller “Hair Confirm” uses the following cutoff levels for screened drugs:

• Marijuana- Carboxy- THC 1 pg/mg (screening), 0.1 pg/mg (confirmation);
• Amphetamine, Methamphetamine &Ecstasy – 500 pg/mg (screening and confirmation);
• Cocaine &Benzoylecgonine – 500 pg/mg (screening and confirmation);
• Opiates – Codeine, Morphine &6-MAM (Heroin Metabolite) – 300 pg/mg (screening and confirmation);
• PCP – 300 pg/mg (screening and confirmation)
(Pg/mg=picogram per milligram of hair)

Drug cutoff level is the minimum concentrations of drugs or metabolites that must be present in the sample, before labs will report drug testing results as positive.

Express Hair Drug Testing Kit consists of five components: collection foil, security label, hair specimen envelope, clear pouch and shipping mailer.


• Collection foil
• Security label
• Hair specimen envelope
• Clear pouch
• Shipping mailer

Short Summery Instructions:

(Please follow the Instructions on the Main Container)

First Step: Clean the scissors
Clean the scissors with an alcohol sanitizer.

Second Step: Cut the hair sample
Select a long thin strip of hair equal to the diameter of a soda straw and cut the hair sample as close to the scalp as possible. This hair sample can be taken from any part of the head.
You should collect 90 to 120 strands of hair. If your hair is very short, collect them from several locations.

Third Step: Prepare the hair sample

• Place the root ends of the sample at the edge of the collection foil where it is marked: “place root end here”;
• Crimp the tab end over the root ends of the sample;
• Straighten hair to full length along the center crease of the foil, keeping the root ends together. at the edge of the foil;
• Fold the collection foil in half along the center line;
• Fold the collection foil lengthwise again.

Fourth Step: Mail the hair sample

• Place the collection foil in the hair specimen envelope. Seal the envelope with the Security Label provided on the Specimen ID card;
• Place the specimen ID card in a safe place, as you will need its ID number and passcode to register your test and obtain your results;
• Place the sealed hair specimen envelope in the clear pouch;
• Seal the clear pouch and place in the pre-paid shipping mailer.

Firth Step: Obtain your results

• After you have mailed the hair sample, you must register your test at https://www.hairconfirm.com/register.asp in order to obtain your results.
• You will need your specimen ID number, passcode and email address to register.

Please watch the following very informative video “HairConfirm Express – Hair Follicle Multi Drug Test Instructional Video” showing how the home hair sample collection has to be performed.

This should help you understand better the above described instruction.

Youtube video published by ConfirmBioSciences



1. The cost of the Express Hair Drug Testing Kit at $75.95 is quarter of the price of a hair drug test performed by a Labs facility, approximately $375.
2. This is an easy hair sample collection process that can be done in your own home.
3. Express Hair Drug Testing Kit does not require any personal information, so this test is 100% anonymous. Each test has its own unique Specimen ID number and Passcode.
4. The Seller ‘HairConfirm’ uses a nationally accredited and recognized testing facility, with the latest technology with state of the art equipment
5. Tests show a positive or negative result for each hair class.

For positive results, HairConfirm lists the exact amount of drug that is found in the submitted hair sample. This helps identify the user as a low (occasional), medium (weekend/daily) or high (constant) user.

For negative results, the result is only listed as negative.

6. HairConfirm laboratory is accredited by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).
7. Secure online results are available in 1-2 business days.
8. You can order the product overnight.


1. Express Hair Drug Testing Kit is designed to detect a very small amount of a drug in the hair. However, if the amount is below the established cut-off level, you may test negative for that drug even though you may have taken it.
2. HairConfirm lab’s threshold for detecting certain drugs may be a ‘bit higher’ than some other drug tests use, therefore Express Hair Drug Testing Kit may give a ‘false negative’ when compared against more stringent testing.

Worst case is if a light user’s results show negative in the test, when in fact they are over the limits for the actual test. However, this should not be the case if the moderate to heavy users’ results are accurate.

3. The Seller ‘HairConfirm’ states that in some rare cases, when the donor has used marijuana, HairConfirm may be unable to detect the THC metabolite due to the fact that the metabolite was unable to bind with the hair shaft.

This can be caused by the following reasons:
• type of the marijuana smoked/ingested;
• quality of the marijuana smoked/ingested;
• if marijuana has been mixed with other substances, e.g. tobacco.

4.You must follow the instruction to the letter providing enough (i.e.90 – 120) hair strands in order to properly perform the hair drug test.

Customer Support

Express Hair Drug Testing Kit website Testclear.com provides outstanding helpful and professional customer service via Live Chat and Phone line. You can have a straight talk with them about home drug testing kits. Based on your individual situation, you will receive recommendations as to what product is best for you.

Common Hair Confirm Express Hair Drug Testing Kit Questions

Here are some common questions (with answers) that I get.

Can you clean your hair follicles for a drug test?

So far, the most effective approach is performing a combination of the Macujo and the Aloe Toxin Rid Treatment methods. It is also recommended using a home hair drug test like Hairconfirm. This helps to find out if you can pass your actual drug test or not.

Can you pass a hair follicle test in a week?

Yes, you can. If you are a light user, you should perform at least 5 Macujo methods one day before your actual drug test. For a heavy user, you need to detox your hair with a combination of the the Macujo and Aloe Toxin Rid Treatment methods at least 12-15 times.

Express Hair Drug Testing Kit – Final Verdict

Update 2023!! Express Hair Drug Testing Kit is one of the most popular express home hair drug testing kit on the market with hundreds of satisfied customers. Many positive reviews on various websites confirm the fact that the Express Hair Drug Testing Kit helps to detect the presence of up to 7 different drugs. Also, it can help parents to detect if their children are using drugs.

We have seen a few negative reviews claiming that HairConfirm laboratory was not able to detect drugs in their hair samples. We are in opinion that it might happen because of the established cutoff level HairConfirm uses for their hair drug testing.

This is why we believe that Express Hair Drug Testing Kit results are more reliable for the moderate to heavy users, than for the light users.

If you would like to check for the presence of drug at a lower cut off level, you should consider having a hair drug test at one of the Labs locations. However, the cost of the hair drug test at the Labs facility is significantly higher, i.e. approximately $375.

Overall Ranking: 4/54 stars rating

Have you tried the Express Hair Drug Testing Kit? Let us know what you think!

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