Vaping vs Smoking Marijuana – How This Can Affect Your Drug Test?

I have recently received many questions from our readers about vaping vs smoking marijuana and how it might affect a future drug test. So, in this post I will sift thru the myths and facts to clear things up to allow our readers to be more informed.

There is a consensus that vaping over smoking is a much safer way to consume marijuana.

This is in fact true; when you consider the effects that smoking anything has on your respiratory system.

When you smoke weed it releases more than just the desired marijuana components but a host of other by-products along with carbon monoxide that when inhaled can harm your lungs, throat, and overall respiratory system.


When you vape only the main components of the marijuana plant will be released and at lower temperatures and since there is no combustion there will be no release of the toxic byproducts.

Just to be clear, not all of the research is out on vaping, and it does not change the effects or inherent health risks of marijuana use in general.

Another topic of concern, are the extraction methods of the raw cannabis plant itself. There are many, but we will save that for another post.

What you need to know as far as testing goes is that the THC content in cannabis oil is 50-80% higher than what you would get from a high quality joint.

How will this affect your detox and future tests?

This will make it more difficult to detox quickly for those surprise tests. You will also have to deal with a much higher level of THC in your system which is the primary component they look for in drug testing.

If you are carrying a few extra pounds like most of us are the THC will be stored in your fat cells just like that big Mac you had for lunch and make it even harder for you to clean up quickly. And in fact can add many extra days and much more effort to your detoxification process.

There are four different ways in which you can be tested for THC. I am sure that most of you are familiar with most if not all of these.

Saliva Drug Test.

Saliva drug tests are probably the easiest to pass. This one only requires that you abstain from use for at least 48 to 72 hours if you vape and 24 hours if you are a smoker and involves only heavy brushing and a strong mouth wash and you will usually do well.
If you don’t have 48 hours there are a few alternatives such as Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash which has proven itself effective and chewing gums that are pretty much hit or miss.

Our #1 Recommendation for Effective Saliva DetoxHelp you to pass your saliva drug test

Blood Drug Test.

If you are vaping, THC can be detected in your blood drug test for an extra 2 to 4 days over smoking 3-7 days. If you don’t have that many days to wait to clean up, Toxin Rid whole body detox program is an effective product to reduce this time.

You will have at least one or two days of shipping time to deal with and it does not come cheap. Unfortunately detox drinks are not effective in reducing your THC levels for blood tests. So don’t waste your time or money on them.

Urine Drug Test.

Results and detoxing times are dependent on the potency and the amount consumed.

  • If you are a very light user and vape you can expect to clean up naturally in 5-7 days, where as a smoker will usually clean up in 4-6 days.
  • If you are a moderate vape user you can expect to wait 12-15 days to only 10 days for a smoker.
  • If you are a heavy user using top shelf stuff and vape you can expect to wait 45-100 days compared to 30-70 days if you are a smoker.

Of course there are many other variables that will affect the exact time you clean up beside the potency of the weed like your own biology, eating and exercising habits. You can speed up your detox time by using detox products specifically designed to reduce THC levels in your system.

I have seen that many users consider completing a Toxin Rid whole body detox programs which has an effective proven track record. I would also recommend getting more than a few home urine tests. These will help you gauge your progress as you detox.

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How Long Does It Take for Vape to Get Out of Your System?

If you vape 1 or 2 times a week, it might take from 5 up to 15 days to detox weed naturally. But if you vape heavily, it might take from 45 up to 100 days to become clean.

Hair Drug Test.

Hair drug tests will be challenging whether you vape or smoke and takes about 90 days to clean up.

This is based on the amount of time that it takes to grow approximately 1.5 inches of clean hair that will be used for your test. Body hair grows much slower than heads hair. So, if you’re using body hair for your sample make sure you have plenty of time to grow it.

But you have to remember that the clock does not start until you test clean on a home urine drug test to avoid recontamination.

The Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo combined with the Macujo method has proven itself to be a very effective tool in cleansing your hair in preparation for a hair drug test.

Our #1 Recommendation for Effective Hair DetoxHelp you to pass your hair drug test

I hope that this has cleared a few things up as far as how vaping vs smoking marijuana can affect your drug tests, detox times and results.

Thanks for reading my post. If you would like to leave a comment or question do so below or on my twitter line. We would love to hear from you especially concerning your experiences passing a urine or hair drug test.

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