Does Wendy’s Drug Test for Pre-employment?

Apart from delicious food, Wendy’s is also a great place to work. New graduates and people in between jobs would do well to consider a job at Wendy’s thanks to the company’s numerous branches and job opportunities. There’s a reason it is one of the world’s largest hamburger fast food chains.

Recreational drug users who are looking for a job at Wendy’s should be asking themselves the question “does Wendy’s drug test for pre-employment?” It’s important they know the answer to this before applying for a job there. If you’re ambushed by, and fail, a sudden drug test, you’ll no doubt miss out on a great job opportunity.

Wendy’s Company Facts.

The fast food chain was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas in Ohio. Its headquarters are still located there. As previously stated it’s considered one of the world’s largest hamburger fast food chains, only topped by McDonald’s and Burger King. There are over 6,000 Wendy’s located throughout the globe.

Jobs available at Wendy’s are basically the same you’d find at any other fast food chain. The majority of their vacancies are for the position of crew member. Crew members are the bulk of employees in any restaurant chain. The position includes cashiers, order takers, cooks, cleaners, drive-thru workers, etc.

You can also apply for the position of restaurant manager, if you have the qualifications. Obviously, the availability of managerial positions is only a fraction of that of crew member openings.

Keep Reading to Find OutHow to Pass Your Drug Test

Wendy’s Drug Test Policy in 2023

Wendy’s drug testing policy varies from state to state. Therefore, not all Wendy’s locations require you to pass a drug test in order to get a job. But those that do will require you to submit a urine sample to be lab tested.

If your local Wendy’s does in fact drug test, you can expect to be tested for THC, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and almost any other drugs you can think of.

Showing up positive for any of the tested drugs will result you not getting the job.  So you want to abstain from taking any illicit drugs as long as possible before applying for a job. This is especially true if your local Wendy’s is one that tests for drugs as a pre-condition for employment.

What to Expect During Wendy’s Hiring Process.

You can fill out your application online or in person locally at your local Wendy’s. If successful, you should get a call the same day, or shortly thereafter, inviting you to come in for an interview. In most Wendy’s that should be it. If you do well on your interview you will probably be offered a job on the spot.

In other locations, you may be required to undergo a 2nd interview before being hired. Normally the process takes only 2-3 days at most locations. However, it could take up to 2 weeks in other place.

After being hired, you will be required to undergo video training.  This usually is about 2 shifts in duration. After completing the training you can begin your work at Wendy’s.

Don’t freak out, or assume they don’t like you, if you don’t get a call back right away. The process might be a little longer at your local Wendy’s. To find out more you can give Wendy’s a call or ask them how long the hiring process is.

Does Wendy’s Drug Test New Hires?

The answer is, in most cases, NO! Wendy’s will not drug test for pre-employment in the vast majority of states.

If you’re a recreational drug user, you can probably put your mind at ease and not freak out about the job interview process if you had a joint the day before.

However, you may not be so lucky and live in a state where the rules are a little more strict. In this case, a drug test will be required. These states include, but not limited to, North Carolina, Idaho, Arizona, and Colorado. If you live in one of these states, you’ll almost certainly be required to pass a urine drug test.

We have received conflicting reports from New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Some former employees from Wendy’s restaurants in these states have reported that they were required to take a drug tests before they were hired. Others have reported that they weren’t tested. So in these states, you can smoke your joint and take your chances.  Or, you can stay clean for a few days and be sure of getting the job..

The wise thing to do is to verify your local Wendy’s stance towards drug testing prior to applying for employment. Best is to ask someone you know who works, or used to work, there. They should be able to give you a definitive answer.

As stated above, if you live in the states of New York, New Jersey, or Florida, you might want to abstain from drugs before applying for a job just to be safe. You should definitely abstain from drugs before applying at a Wendy’s in North Carolina, Arizona, or Idaho.

Does Wendy’s Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Testing?

Yes! You will definitely be asked to take a drug test if you were involved in an accident at work. Otherwise, it’s rare for a Wendy’s to regularly, or randomly, screen its employees for drugs without justification. If you’re involved in a work accident, you will probably have to submit a urine sample immediately after the accident.

Promotions aren’t a very common occurrence in fast food chains.  However, if you’re being promoted to a managerial position, it’s likely you’ll be asked to pass a drug test.

What Kind of Drug Test Does Wendy’s Use?

Like most workplaces, Wendy’s uses a urine drug tests. The urine samples are taken to an outside lab to be tested.

How to Pass Urine Drug Test at Wendy’s?

If you are required to take a urine drug test, there are three proven effective approaches that will increase your chances of passing the test.

  1. If you have enough time before your test, refrain from using marijuana for a while. You might even consider detoxing your body naturally through light aerobic exercise, visiting a sauna and maintaining a healthy diet. However, if you vape high grade marijuana or concentrates, enjoy your everyday edibles, and/or smoke at least 3-5 times a week, it will take you will from 35 to 90 days to completely cleanse your body.
  2. Another effective approach is to use a whole body detox program like the Toxin Rid program, or taking a detox drink like Mega Clean or Read Clean, to detox your body from all unwanted toxins, including THC.

So far, the most popular and effective detox program on the market is the Toxin Rid Detox program.

If you are a ‘light’ or ‘moderate’ user and don’t have enough time to complete a Toxin Rid program before your test, you might consider using a detox drink like Mega Clean or Ready Clean on your drug test day.

However, if you are a ‘heavy’ user, such drinks decrease your chances of passing the test to less than 50%.

We always recommend checking your THC level with a home urine drug test before you take your actual drug test. This helps you find out if you will pass it or not.

If you still test positive on a home urine drug test after completing detox program, drinking a detox drink, or caught by surprise with your test, you might consider using synthetic urine. This may work for an unsupervised test. However, there is always the risk of being caught and facing penalties for such action.


So does Wendy’s drug test for pre-employment? The answer is ‘sometimes’. There are states where they almost definitely do, such as Arizona, Idaho, and North Carolina.  And there are states that are in the gray area such as Florida, New Jersey, and New York. The rest of the states don’t drug test for pre-employment.

Thank you for reading our article “Does Wendy’s Drug Test for Employment?”

We would love to hear about your experience going through Wendy’s hiring and drug testing procedures.

We believe others who are applying for jobs at Wendy’s will definitely appreciate and benefit from your comments.

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