Does T.J. Maxx Drug Test for Employment?

“Does T.J. Maxx drug test for employment?” is a question I recently received from one of our readers. T.J. Maxx is one of the largest store chains in the United States of America. The fact that many people are curious about getting a job there is no surprise at all.

The problem is that many companies and employers still care about drug testing their applicants. This can be a hurdle in the path of recreational drug users who are looking to get a well paying job. So, I decided to do some research in order to find out about T.J. Maxx’s hiring policies and drug policy.

T.J. Maxx Company Fact

J Maxx is one of the largest department stores in America. The brand sells items at lower prices than most of its competitors. T.J Maxx was founded over 40 years ago and already has over 1,000 stores across the country. Its headquarters is in Massachusetts.

Thousands of people work at T.J Maxx which makes it an attractive job opportunity. Another factor that adds to its appeal is that it’s available across the country so you’re likely to find a store near your residence.

There are a variety of jobs available at the popular department chain store. You can work in sales, merchandise, as a cashier, and in restocking products among other things.

Those who are highly qualified might even look for jobs at the company’s headquarters. Different departments are available like human resources, accounting, and marketing. So it’ll be easy to find something that suits your experience and skills whether it’s in a local store or at headquarters.

Keep Reading to Find OutHow to Pass Your Drug Test

T.J. Maxx Drug Test Policy in 2023

T.J. Maxx prefers to maintain a drug free environment. Showing up to work under the influence of drugs will affect your performance. It could also lead to customer complaints which might affect the company’s image.

If you’re to be drug tested at T.J. Maxx, you can expect to be tested for the following drugs: cocaine, opioids, marijuana, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates among others. Your urine showing up positive for any of these substances can get you in serious trouble.

What to Expect During T.J Maxx Hiring Process

The hiring process at T.J Maxx is simple and doesn’t too long. Through my research I found that it takes people about 5-7 days in order to get hired so you should expect the same. Leave your application and they’ll give you a call within a day or two.

You’ll then have an interview with one of the managers. You might get one interview while in some stores you’ll need to pass 2 interviews. Additionally, you might need to take a simple test. Upon passing all of these, you’ll start orientation where you’ll take a tour of the place and watch videos on safety at work.

The whole thing takes less than a week. You’ll be guided through it. Also, you’re paid for orientation so you don’t need to worry about that. People don’t usually have complaints about T.J. Maxx’s hiring process.

Does T.J. Maxx Drug Test for Employment?

The overwhelming majority of current and previous employees at T.J. Maxx say that the company doesn’t drug test for pre-employment.

However, throughout my research I found a couple of people who said they had to be drug tested. They were from Florida and Pennsylvania. It seems like some T.J. Maxx stores might drug test.

Generally, you should be safe since 99% of people say there was no drug test on applying or starting a job there.

Those looking to work at a T.J. Maxx store in Florida or Pennsylvania might want to ask people who already work there if they had to take a drug test.

When conflicting reports are present, it’s always best to get the information from people who work there. Those who live outside these two states, however, should be fine and won’t need to take a test.

Does T.J Maxx Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Test?

On signing a contract at T.J. Maxx, you agree that they have the right to ask you for a drug test at any time. Sometimes they can conduct random drug tests, but that’s not a constant. It also varies by branch.

However, if your manager is suspicious that you are under the influence of drugs, you’ll have to take a drug test.

You’ll also need to pass a drug test if you’re involved in a work accident. The best way to keep your job is to try abstaining from drugs if you potentially will face a random test, or at least not showing up to work while on anything as that might get you fired.

It’s not clear if T.J. Maxx drug tests an employee before a promotion.

What Kind of Drug Test Does T.J Maxx Use?

T.J. Maxx uses a urine drug test to screen its employees. You’ll provide a urine sample which they’ll take to a lab for analysis. The lab will then send the results back to T.J. Maxx.

Can You Fail Your Drug Test if You Use Prescription Drugs?

Fortunately, you can’t fail a drug test for using prescription drugs. Companies aren’t allowed to fail you. Just to be on the safe side, let them know that you’re on a prescription for drugs that could show up as positive on a drug test. Additionally, you could give them your doctor’s contact info so they can confirm with him or her that you’re on a prescription.

Neither you nor your doctor are obligated or should disclose any information about the type of drugs you’re on or why you’re taking them as that’s confidential information.

How to Pass Urine Drug Test at T.J. Maxx?

If you face a random urine drug test while working at T.J. Maxx, it is essential to know these three important facts:

  1. Light users might test positive for THC for up to 4-5 days from the time of their last use,
  2. Moderate users might test positive for up to 10-12 days after their last use, and
  3. Heavy user-might test positive from 35 to 90 days.

If you use marijuana 1-2 times a week, you have a good chance of passing your test if you have a handy detox drink like Mega Clean or Herbal Clean QCarbo20 readily available. These detox drinks should be taken only on the day of your urine drug test.

However, if you use marijuana more than 2-3 times a week, you most likely will fail your urine test, regardless of the fact that you prepared for it by using such detox drinks.

We have seen cases where some heavy users have used synthetic urine as their back up plan when they knew that their urine test would be unsupervised. However, there is always the risk of being caught and facing the dire consequences of such an action.


So, T.J. Maxx is an incredible place to work. It has many stores and there is a good chance that one of them is very close to where you live. There are several jobs that encompass many skill sets and backgrounds. It seems like they don’t drug test for employment, but retain the right to randomly test their employees.

Thank you for reading our article “Does T.J. Maxx drug test for Employment?”

We would love to hear about your experiences going through T.J. Maxx hiring process and drug testing procedure.

We believe others who are applying for jobs at T.J. Maxx will definitely appreciate and benefit from it.

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