Does Sam’s Club Drug Test for Pre-employment?

Sam’s Club, owned and operated by Walmart Inc., is one of the most successful retail companies in America. It’s no wonder that it’s a great place to work and many Americans look to it for jobs. Recreational or medicinal drug users might be wondering “does Sam’s Club drug test for pre-employment. You wouldn’t want to waste a great job opportunity by failing a pre-employment drug test.

You should always look at a potential employer’s drug policy before applying for a job. You might need to submit a urine sample to be drug tested on the spot, which could leave you in a lot of trouble if you recently did drugs and weren’t prepared.

Sam’s Club Company Facts

Sam’s Club was founded in 1983 and is owned by Walmart. They have the same founder: Sam Walton. It is one of the America’s 8 largest retailers. That should give you an indication of how big of an operation the company runs.

You can apply for a host of jobs at Sam’s Club. You’ll definitely find something that fits your skill set. You can work there as a cashier, fresh food or sales associate, department manager, cart attendant, or even as a store manager. With so many opportunities, it’s no wonder Sam’s Club is a popular place to look for a job and work.

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Sam’s Club Drug Test Policy 2023

Sam’s Club maintains a strict ‘no drugs’ policy. So you should expect to be tested for illicit drugs as part of the hiring process. Sam’s Club relies on a urine test for drugs. You can expect to be tested for THC, cocaine, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, heroin, and any other drug you can think of.

You should definitely abstain from drugs before and during working there because their drug policy is very strict. You certainly won’t get away with doing drugs while working at Sam’s Club.

What to Expect During Sam’s Club Hiring Process

The hiring process at Sam’s Club is a straightforward one. However, it will take a little longer than the hiring process at other similar companies. For starters, you can apply for the job you want online or in person by going to your local store. After that, you’ll get a call for your first interview.

The first interview will be with the manager of the department you applied for. If you pass the first interview, you will be called back for a second interview, this time with the store manager. Finally, if you pass the second interview you’ll return for a third interview with an HR manager who will let you know if you got the job.

After being hired you’ll  receive 8 hours of orientation followed by 2 days of training before you  officially start work. It’s not easy, but it’s certainly worth the effort.

Does Sam’s Club Drug Test on the First Interview?

Yes, Sam’s Club does pre-employment drug testing. This is done using a urine sample. You’ll most likely be asked for a urine sample during the second or third interview.

The results of the urine sample will play a big role in determining whether or not you get the job.

Your interviews could go great and be smooth. But failing their drug test will preclude you from getting the job. If you really care about getting that job at Sam’s Club, then you must abstain from taking illicit drug before going for the interviews.

People who don’t do drugs won’t need to worry about this issue. However, it will be an obstacle for those who do drugs.  Especially if they use drugs recreationally.

Sam’s Club’s drug policy applies in all states. Regardless of where you live, your local branch will require your drug test to return positive in order for you to be hired. Sam’s Club has plenty of job opportunities. Surely they have something that fits your skill set. There’s no point in wasting such an opportunity just because you failed their drugs test.

Does Sam’s Club Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Tests?

Sam’s Club definitely retains the right to ask you for a random urine sample without prior notice. However, this is unlikely to happen without due cause or justification. It usually follows a work accident that you were involved in. For example, if you were to drive a forklift into a wall your manager will certainly suspect that you’re high and ask you to take a drug test.

You may well have managed to pass your drug test in becoming hired. But this is definitely not an excuse to show up high for work. It well could cost you your job.

The great thing about working at a place like Sam’s Club is that you can expect to stay there long enough to receive a promotion. The bad news for recreational drug users is that these promotions require them to pass a pre-promotional drug test. Failing to pass the test will stop them from being promoted.

If you have a medical marijuana card, or were prescribed benzodiazepines or barbiturates for medical reasons, then you have no reason to worry. Just let them know that you have a doctor’s prescription and you have any problems.

Does Sam’s Club Drug Test Urine?

Like many employers in US, Sam’s Club relies on urine drug tests. They’ll often take you to a clinic where you’ll urinate in a cup and return it to them for testing.

They will take the sample to one of their contracted labs to have it analyzed.

Remember to let them know if you have a medical reason for be taking one of the drugs that show up positive on a urine drug screen so they know it’s okay. They might have to call your doctor to confirm the prescription with him/her, but they’re not allowed to ask the reason for which you’re taking the drug.

How to Pass Urine Drug Test at Sam’s Club?

If you asked to take an unsupervised urine drug test, you have three options:

  1. If you have already abstain for a while and have enough time until your test, you might detox your body naturally. This approach is pretty effective for a ‘light’ to ‘moderate’ user. However, if you are a ‘heavy’ marijuana user, it will take from 35 to 90 days to properly cleanse your body.
  2. If you are running out of time, you might consider completing a whole body detox program like the Toxin Rid program or use a detox drink like Mega Clean or XXTRA Clean to cleanse your body from all unwanted toxins, including THC.

If you don’t have enough time to complete a Toxin Rid program before your test, your best plan of action would be either rescheduling your test  or consider using a detox drink like Mega Clean or XXTRA Clean on your drug test day.

  1. If you still test positive on the home urine drug test after completing detox program, drinking a detox drink, or caught by surprise with your test, you might consider using synthetic urine. This may work for an unsupervised test. However, there is always the risk of being caught and facing the consequences for such action.


So does Sam’s Club drug test for pre-employment? The answer is ‘YES. ’ If you want to get a job at Sam’s Club, you defiantly should be prepare for taking a urine drug test.

Your chances of passing the test will depend on how seriously you take the test preparation process i.e. by abstaining for some time and/or speeding up your natural body detoxification process by completing a whole body detox program.

Please note that you should not go to your test without first checking where you stand with a home urine drug test. This will help you to anticipate the results of your actual test without getting an “unfavorable” surprised result.

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