Does Kwik Trip Drug Test for Employment?

Kwik Trip and Kwik Star convenience store shares the honor of winning the Glassdoor employees’ choice award. Wining this award means that the company is internationally recognized as being one of the best workplaces by employees. This is why many prospects have a keen interest in joining them and questions such as, “Does Kwik trip drug test for employment?” are present across search engines.

Kwik Trip as a Company

Kwik Trip INC is a family-run business in La Crosse, WI. What started as a small effort of Don Zietlow to quit his trucking job and start a convenience store is now a mega enterprise. He now oversees a hundred acre campus, a giant bakery manufacturing unit, a distribution centre, banana ripening facility, and more.

One of the key reasons why Kwik Trip shares its success is because they share 40 percent its pre-tax profits with its more than 15,000 workers.  The company truly treats their employees as their greatest asset, and this has worked immensely well. The company has more than 700 locations around four Midwestern states.

Kwik Trip Jobs

Applying for a job at Kwik Trip is easy.  Kwik careers make it easy for people to apply to different job positions at their workplace. You can apply online through their job portal, or text “JOBS” to 77887 to get further details.  Since the company works as a mass scale production and distribution unit, you can find many jobs relating to factory work, logistics, retail, customer service and more.

Their career portal allows you to filter through the job you are looking for, and in the location that is closest to your residence. Kwik trip also holds hiring expos for people that are looking for employment. Anyone in search of a job can wait for their next hiring expo and register. Applicants can go to the expo and discuss all the job openings and settle for the one that suits them the best.

This expo exposes prospects to an easy route into employment. Here, they can apply and interview on-sight. The job opportunities are endless and since the company is undergoing expansion, there is no shortage of opportunities for job seekers.

The company also does not require stringent job requirements. As long as you share the core values of the Kwik Trip operational force, they will consider you fit for the job.

Keep Reading to Find OutHow to Pass Your Drug Test

Application Process

Once you apply for the job position, you can be expected to get a call from the recruiter for an interview, which consists of the general interview questions. This is followed by a simple math test. Upon passing the math test, you get called for the on-sight orientation.  They then will require some basic information.

Does Kwik Trip Drug Test?

1.After the second interview, Kwik Trip requires an initial pre-employment drug test.  Once you get handed the application form, and the employee handbook, you will find that it contains their drug testing policy.The current updated policy mentions multiple times that the company does not drug test for marijuana unless there is an incident that points towards reasonable suspicion of intoxication at the workplace.

2.In other words, if someone happens to be under the influence of marijuana while at work, and this leads to noticeable operational inconsistencies at work, then they will have to undergo drug testing for THC consumption. Nonetheless, THC is not a substance that is included in their regular drug testing policy currently.

3.As per their policy, illegal drugs pertain to all substances that are classified as unlawful according to the federal state. Since marijuana has undergone an ease in restrictions across different states due to medical applications, the company no longer requires a THC screening for pre-employment drug tests. However, it still tests employees for harder drugs. These include:

  • Cocaine
  • Opioids
  • Amphetamines
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

4.Their policy also excludes all prescription medication that a licensed healthcare professional issues to you. For alcohol, a concentration that exceeds .02 is unsuitable and violates the on-sight operational policy. The consequences for violations are a direct suspension and this may also impact your unemployment benefits under the federal law.

What Kind of Drug Test Does Kwik Trip Use in 2013?

The company requires applicants to consent to a voluntary cheek swab test. If the test comes out negative, then you are viable for employment. If the test comes out positive, then employment is not possible.

Nonetheless, they hold rehabilitation programs as well, in which they allow applicants the time to recover and re-apply. The applicant must comply with the testing requirements and cannot disagree to a drug test.

According to my research, the drug tests at Kwik Trip are supervised, and they are most likely to conduct a cheek swab (saliva) test. They may also ask for a urine or blood sample for a more detailed drug screening under suspicious circumstances.  Usually after the test, you will be advised to wait for the results.

Does Kwik Trip Conduct Random Drug Testing?

According to their drug testing policy, the company makes it clear that the workers can be subject to random drug testing. According to the online forums of current and former employees of the company, random drug testing is very rare and unlikely to happen. The company is likely to only conduct this type of testing in the case of an incident, mishap, or suspicion.

How is Swab Test Performed?

A cheek swab test collection is a very simple and quick procedure. Prior to collection, you have to ensure that you are on a fasted state overnight.  This is because your mouth needs to be free of all contaminations so that the samples are not influenced.

In this test, a medical professional runs a swab across the inside of your cheeks in order to collect cheek cell DNA for inspection. If they fail to collect sufficient DNA, then you can expect a recollection process.

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How to Pass Swab Drug Test at Kwik Trip?

If you know about your upcoming swab (saliva) drug test, you just need to abstain from any prohibited substances for at least 48-72 hours beforehand, thoroughly brush your teeth and gums properly and use a strong mouthwash like Listerine. This significantly increases your odds of passing your swab test.

However, if you have your saliva drug test in less than 48 hours, you might consider having handy a mouth detox product specifically design to pass the saliva drug test.


According to my research, the hiring process and drug policies of the Kwik Trip Company is not very difficult or restrictive. The best approach of increasing your odds of passing a swab drug test would be abstaining from using any tested substances minimum for 72 hours.

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PubMed, Cannabinoids and metabolites in expectorated oral fluid after 8 days of controlled around-the-clock oral THC administration, Blind Trials of an Onsite Saliva Drug Test for Marijuana and Opiates

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