Does Boeing Drug Test for Employment?

Boeing is one of the greatest airlines in the aviation industry. Serving millions of people around the world, and being a pivotal member of the world’s commerce and economy, getting a job in this company is a dream of many. So, you may be wondering about the company’s hiring process. Questions like, “is it easy to get a job in Boeing?” and “does Boeing drug test” may be racing across your mind.

Well, I have gathered some information in this article that will clarify the job situation of the company. Read further to get a glimpse of what the Boeing airplane company demands and by doing so, you can self evaluate whether you stand as a worthy candidate for a job at the company.

Boeing Company Facts

The Boeing company is an American Airplane manufacturing company. It supplies, manufactures and delivers a wide variety of products related to airplanes and other space complexes.  It has cemented its name as one of the biggest airspace entities of the world. It is also a supplier to the United States military.

With over a hundred years of dominance and experience in the industry, it is a company with a renowned historical significance, hiring only the best engineers and technicians for their upper scale job positions.

Job Positions at Boeing

In my research, the large and far-reaching scale of the Boeing company astounded me. The Boeing airplane supply company does not only manufacture airplanes, but it also produces space technology and satellites.

This extensive product line means that they have job openings for people that will manage supply. Thus, if you are someone with experience in supply management and other financial business operations, then you can definitely try your change applying online.

Moreover, another career area in the company includes cyber security. The company willingly hires prospects that can work alongside brilliant minds to work on revolutionizing the technological defense security systems of intelligent communities.  In this job position, you can benefit from their training regime and support.

Other career paths are open to you at Boeing Company depending on your field of expertise. You have a chance of landing a position if come from an engineering or IT background. Moreover, people that have worked in data science and analytical departments also have a chance at the company.

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Hiring Process at Boeing

In my research, I found that the hiring process of the Boeing company follows conventional guidelines and nothing out of the ordinary. The best ways to apply to the company is online through their careers portal.

After applying through an online application, you have to wait for the recruiter’s call, or in other words, a phone interview. If you impress the recruiter in the phone interview, then they will likely invite you to an on-sight assessment test.

The Assessment Test

For an entry-level job at the company, you will have to pass an assessment test, which consists of multiple mathematical problems and verbal reasoning problems that you will have to solve. According to my research, this test follows a standard protocol, which means that you can prepare for it.

The test is a standard measure of your mathematical abilities, along with your observational and teamwork attributes. If you pass the assessment test, you can move on to the interview. In the complete application process, the assessment test is the most important, since it can reflect your job position and scholarships to the training facilities.

The questions in the assessment tests can vary depending on your job. For example, if you apply for a position in the IT department, the assessment test will require you to solve certain coding problems. Moreover, if you pass the assessment test, you should expect an invitation to an in-person interview.

These interviews can either be several discussions with different persons, and you may have to cope with a panel interview, where a team of experts will analyze whether you are a good fit for the company. Unlike the phone interview, which only lasts a couple of minutes, a group interview may take a few hours.

The interview is usually structured and so this puts you at an advantage to do well since you can always prepare for the questions.

Does Boeing Drug Test for Employment?

In my research, I found mixed reviews for Boeing’s drug testing policy.  However, I found a strong agreement on their pre-employment urine tests, being a key aspect of their background check procedure.

If you pass the interviews, the last step that you will have to likely pass is the drug test, which for the most part, will be a urine test. I did not find any indications that would lead me to believe that Boeing prioritizes a hair follicle test as a drug test.

Moreover, you will have to go through a pre-employment urine test regardless of the job position you are interested in. However, if that job position includes handling heavy machinery, then there is a possibility that you may have to go through another drug test, post-employment. This will avoid any accidents that can result in major losses in the company.

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How to Pass Drug Test at Boeing?

Considering a very strict drug policy at Boeing, the best approach would be evaluating your THC exposure history and detoxing your body naturally through light aerobic exercise, healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.

If you are a light/moderate user, you might need at least 10-12 days to cleanse your body. If you are a heavy user, you will need from 35 up to 90 days to detox from THC. If you carry extra weight or vape, you might test positive even longer.

If you don’t have enough time until your test you might consider completing a whole body detox program which significantly decreases the time of detoxing.


Boeing requires completing a pre-employment drug test for most job positions. It is less likely to drug test current employees on a random basis. However, in my research, I found that Boeing could conduct on-sight drug tests in case of an accident in the manufacturing process.

Thank you for your interest and time in reading our article “Does Boeing Drug Test for Employment?”

We would be delighted to learn about your experience during the Boeing hiring process and drug testing procedures.

Your precious experience can be instrumental for other candidates that are waiting for the call of Boeing recruiters.

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