Does AT&T Drug Test for Employment?-Get Ready!!

Does AT&T drug test for employment? That’s the question that’s on the mind of hundreds, if not thousands, of drug users looking for employment at AT&T.

Being one of the biggest mobile service providers in the country, AT&T is a great place to find work to build up your CV. If you are someone who uses drugs, you need to know if AT&T tests for drug before applying for a job there. That’s why I’ve put in a lot of time and effort in researching this question.

Does AT&T Drug Test?

AT&T is strictly against the use of recreational drugs. The company prohibits the use, possession, and/or distribution of any illegal drugs on company property, which includes company vehicles.

The company will also screen its potential employees before hiring. The company also retains the right to require additional drug tests throughout the period of employment.

If you’re someone who uses drugs and goes ahead with the hiring process, your drug test will most likely test positive and you won’t get the job. If you care enough about getting the job, then you’re going to have to abstain from drugs long enough to clear your system, or quit entirely.

AT&T Company Facts.

AT&T, headquartered in Texas, is the world’s largest telecommunications company in terms of total revenue and is the 2nd largest provider of mobile service in the United States. The company employs nearly quarter of a million people contributing greatly to the job market, which is why so many new graduates are looking to AT&T for employment.

In 2007, AT&T was broadcasting a show for Pearl Jam and censored the broadcast when the band started to criticize the president. AT&T was purchased by Southern Bell in 2005 for 16 billion dollars while keeping its name and brand name.

Some of the jobs available at AT&T include: customer service representative, retail sales consultants, customer support specialist, manager customer service representatives and entertainment sales service consultants.

Keep Reading to Find OutHow to Pass Your Drug Test

AT&T Drug Test Policy in 2023

In order to get the job, you’ll need to pass a pre-employment urine drug test. In addition, if the company has reason to suspect that you’re using drugs on the job, you will probably be asked to complete a drug test.

Following is a partial list of the drugs they test for:

• Amphetamines
• Barbiturates
• Benzodiazepines
• Cannabinoids
• Cocaine
• Methadone
• Methaqualone
• Opiates
• Phencyclidine
• Propoxyphene

You need to tell your supervisor If you’re on prescription drugs. You will not have to tell them why you’re on a prescription drug, or what that drug is, but the company has to know that you’re on prescription.

What to Expect During the AT&T Hiring Process.

First, you’ll apply for the job you want on the company’s website. After that you’ll get an email that your application has been received. You then should get a call within a few days asking you to come in for an interview by a manager in the depart which should give you an indication on your odds of getting the job.

A few days later after your information is processed you may be asked to undergo a second interview with another manager. HR might also ask you to bring in a urine sample, which they will send to their lab for a drug test. AT&T will most likely run a background check on you. If everything is good’ you’ll likely receive a job offer.

Do They Drug Test You at AT&T?

Yes! At some point you will be tested before receiving a job offer. This is usually the final step after completing a job application and one or two job interviews.

If they ask you for a urine sample, then you’ll most likely be offered the job – if you pass the drug test.

Does AT&T sales consultant drug test?

Yes, all new hires including sales consultant are required to take a drug test.

Does AT&T Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Tests?

The answer is once again – Yes! Drug tests are obligatory regardless of the position you’re applying for.

They won’t routinely ask you to pass a drug test while working there. But, they will ask you if you give them a reason to. If your supervisor, or manager, suspects that you’re under the influence of drugs due to your general appearance or attitude, or if you’re involved in an accident at work, then you will be asked to take a drug test.

You’ll also be required to pass a drug test before a promotion. Failing to do so will prevent you from getting the promotion. And you might even be fired as well. AT&T is very strict when it comes to the use of illicit drugs.

What Kind of Drug Test Does AT&T Use?

AT&T uses a urine drug test. The urine sample will be collected from you at clinical lab that is chosen by the company. The sample will then be taken to, and tested at, a contracted Federal Department of Health and Human Services testing facility.

Using a false specimen, or taking something to alter your test results, will result in disciplinary action that most likely result in you not getting the job and/or being fired.

Can You Fail Your Drug Test if You Use Only Prescription Drugs?

The answer is definitely – no! Through research I found that you’re obligated to inform your supervisor or manager if you’re taking any prescription drugs.

You’re not obligated to tell them, however, what prescription drug you’re taking and why you’re taking it. You can’t fail a drug test because you’re only on prescription drugs. But, if you fail to tell your supervisor that you’re on a prescription drug, this could result in disciplinary action being taken.

How to Pass Urine Drug Test at AT&T?

As most likely you will face a supervised urine drug test at a Lab facility outside of the company, you have two options how to increase your odds of passing your urine drug test:

1. Detox your body naturally. This is an effective approach if you are a light or moderate user. However, if you use marijuana every day, it might take from 35 to 90 days to completely detox your body.

2. Use a whole body detox program like the Toxin Rid program or detox drinks like Mega Clean or QCarbo32.

So far, 10, 5 and 3 Day Toxin Rid Programs are the most popular and effective detox programs on the market.

If you don’t have enough time to complete a Toxin Rid program, on your drug test day, you might consider using a detox drink like Mega Clean or QCarbo32.

These drinks prove to be effective for light or moderate users. If you are a heavy user, your chances of passing your urine test will be 50%/50%.

Our #1 Recommendation for Effective DetoxHelp you to pass your drug test

I always recommend checking your THC levels with a home urine drug test before going for your test. This helps to determine if you can pass the actual drug test or not.

If you test positive on the home urine drug test after completing a detox program, drinking a detox drink, or caught by surprise with your test, you might consider using synthetic urine. This may work for an unsupervised test. However, there is always the risk of being caught and facing penalties for such action.

I have seen for some openings, like desk creative position, the company to require the prospective employee to take a hair follicle drug test.

Even though this is a harder drug test to pass, there are 3 effective hair cleansing methods that will help you pass your test. These methods are Macujo, Aloe Toxin Rid Treatment and Jerry J methods. If you follow the hair cleansing methods instructions and our recommendations to the letter, you will increase your chances of passing your hair test to the highest possible odds.


AT&T is a great place to work, but they have a strict policy against drugs. They’ll ask for a urine sample in order to test you for drugs before employment and before a promotion. They might also ask you to take a drug test if they suspect you’re using drugs while on the job.

Being only on prescription drugs won’t get you in trouble, as long as you remember to tell your supervisor that you’re using them. For some job positions, you might have to take a hair drug test.

Thank you for reading our article “Does AT&T drug test for employment?”

If you work, or have worked, at AT&T then we’d love to hear about your experience when it comes to the hiring and promotion process with respect to drug testing. Surely those who are looking for a job at AT&T will benefit greatly from your experience.

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