Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid vs Ruderalis – Which Strain is Best for You?

If you’ve decided to look into medical marijuana in order to manage your chronic medical condition or even as a recreational user you might be overwhelmed with all the information you find on the web.

That’s why I did some research to compare the pros and cons of Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid vs Ruderalis main marijuana strains. Hopefully my research will help you make an informed decision as to the best strain for you.

Different Marijuana Strains


Indica plant picture Wikipedia

Indica plants are short and broad making them easier to grow since they take up less space. The effects of Indica strains on the body are mainly relaxing. When using Indica you’ll notice some sedation, relaxation, as well as a sense of heaviness in your body.

These effects are favorable to some and bad for others. If you suffer from anxiety or pain, then you’ll benefit from the sedating and relaxing effects of Indica.

Alternatively, if you have a hard time focusing at work and/or staying awake during the day, then Indica will only make things worse for you.

Those who need to stay alert and in peak mental condition won’t appreciate the drowsiness associated with the use of Indica marijuana.

The main conditions that can be controlled with Indica are insomnia, muscle pains, and headaches.

When it comes to CBD and THC concentrations, Indica produces slightly more CBD and slightly less THC than Sativa. The differences in concentration of CBD and THC within the two strains are almost negligible and aren’t of significant value.


Sativa plany picture

The Sativa strain is as popular as the Indica strain but has different effects on the body.

As I will soon explain, these two strains often have diametrically opposing effects on the body, so you need to think it through carefully before deciding to go with either of them. A condition that can be alleviated using Indica can be made worse by Sativa and vice versa.

As opposed to Indica, Sativa plants are long and narrow. They take up more space vertically when grown and can be more difficult to plant. So if you’re trying to find the best strain to grow at home or in your backyard, then perhaps Indica is the better option here.

When it comes to effects on the body, Sativa serve as a stimulant rather than as a depressant.

Sativa strains also help to boost the individual’s concentration and focus. That’s why you’ll find that they’re usually avoided by individuals suffering from conditions like insomnia and headaches, where Indica strains are preferred.

So when should you look to use Sativa? Depression is one of the main conditions that comes to mind. Sativa strains will increase your willingness to get out of bed, go outside, and be productive. They’re also more suited for those suffering from ADHD.

You could be wondering ‘isn’t ADHD a disease of excess stimulation?’

Well, it’s hypothesized that ADHD is actually a state of drowsiness and your brain compensates through excess stimulation. In fact, pharmaceutical drugs used to treat ADHD are actually stimulants. This is why it makes sense that a stimulant like Sativa marijuana is better for those suffering from ADHD than Indica strains.

Be sure to take care and avoid using Sativa strains when suffering from the conditions of insomnia, headaches, and pains. The stimulatory effects of Sativa strains will only make these conditions worse. So, the use of Sativa in such cases is really not preferred at all.

As stated above, Sativa produce more THC and slightly less CBD than Indica. Again, however, the differences are almost negligible and not worth paying attention to.


Hybrids, as the name suggests, are plants made by crossing over between Indica and Sativa strains. Through my research, and as already explained, Indica has more effects on the body while Sativas affect mostly the brain. Hybrids contain a bit of both.

They’ll combine the drowsing and relaxing effect of Indica with the stimulating and anti-depressant effects of Sativa. This combination makes Hybrids best suited for multiple conditions.

For example, if you suffer from severe muscle pains but have work to do and don’t have time for the sedating effect of Indica, then Hybrids will work perfectly for you.

Hybrids produce slightly more THC and CBD than both Indica and Sativa strains. However, the differences in concentration among the three strains is still very minor.


Ruderalis plant picture Wikipedia

The species of Ruderalis marijuana is relatively unknown and hardly used. This isn’t surprising considering that on its own, this strain have extremely low concentrations of both THC and CBD.

Basically, on its own, the strain is not worth much in that it does not give you a ‘kick’ or can be used to treat medical conditions.

What makes the Ruderalis strain special then? The Ruderalis plants have a feature known as autoflowering.

This means they’ll grow and progress through life regardless of the light cycle. This isn’t of value to the average consumer, but quite valuable for the people who grow the marijuana. The growers can combine Indica and/or Sativa strains with Ruderalis to make the plants grow faster with less light.

Marijuana StrainMain EffectsEffective TimeTHC levelsCBD levelsSide EffectsApprox price range $
IndicaSedatingUnknown5 Star Rating4 Star RatingDrowsiness and sleepiness6-7$/gram
SativaStimulantUnknown4 Star Rating5 Star RatingInsomnia6-8$/gram
HybridBothUnknown5 Star Rating5 Star RatingMix of both8-9$/gram
RuderalisNoneUnknown3 Star Rating3 Star RatingNoneNot sold separately

Basically there isn’t much difference among the four strains when it comes to price. The effective time for each strain to impact on the body is almost the same.

Rather, a more determinate factor on time of impact is the route of intake – with inhalation being the fastest as absorption takes place quickly through the lungs.


In summary, those who are suffering from muscle/joint pains, insomnia, or headaches and/or just looking for something sedating should look into Indica strains.

On the other hand, those suffering from depression or ADHD who need or want something a bit more stimulating should go for Sativa strains.

Hybrid strains contain a bit of the characteristics of both Indica and Sativa strains, making them the best option for someone who suffers from two conditions- one best treated by Indica and another best treated by Sativa.

Hybrids also contain more CBD and THC than either Indica or Sativa, thus giving ‘more bang for the buck’.

Ruderalis strains are quite ineffective and have really low THC and CBD levels. You’re not likely to be able to find or purchase Ruderalis marijuana strains separately since they have almost no medical benefit. They’re primarily used by growers of marijuana in order to speed up the growth of other strains.

“Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid vs Ruderalis – What Strain is Best for You?”

We would love to hear about your experience with using the various marijuana strains, highlighting their benefit and side effects (if any).

Please comment below. I am sure others will appreciate and benefit from your thoughts.

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