Does Travelers Drug Test for Pre-Employment?

The Travelers Companies or Travelers is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Getting a job there would be a dream come true for many Americans, that’s why I receive the question “Does Travelers Drug Test for Pre-Employment?” often. The fact that there’s an office in every single state means that you don’t need to relocate. You might have to switch cities but it’s still less of a change than moving to an entirely different state.

Unfortunately, getting a job is even more difficult for recreational drug users. Many companies still maintain strict drug policies and don’t hire people who use drugs. It’s important to do your research on any company’s drug policies before applying.

If you use drugs, you might be able to abstain before applying so your drug test comes back negative. Finding out about a potential drug test is as important as doing your research on the company and the position.

Travelers Company Facts

Travelers has been around for almost 170 years making it one of the oldest insurance companies in the country. You might not recognize it as being so old because it used to be called St. Paul Fire and Marine. The company became known as Travelers in 2004. HQ is in New York and there’s an office in every single state. The company also operates in the UK, Ireland, Singapore, China, Canada, and Brazil. It ranks as #106 in the Fortune 500 list.

There are multiple job positions available at Travelers. You can work as a claims representative, as a sales rep or director, or in technology. You can also apply for a job as an operations specialist, account executive, or one of the many other positions available. You will most likely need a background in finance and accounting if you’re going to apply for a job at Travelers or any other insurance company.

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Travelers Drug Test Policy in 2023

Travelers has a strict no drug policy. The company handles billions of dollars each year and one mistake can be very costly. Additionally, they want to keep their clients happy. That’s why they’re strict about their drug policy and are very careful about who they hire.

You will be tested for marijuana, amphetamines, opioids, cocaine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and more when applying to a job at Travelers. You’ll need to be careful and avoid all of these substances ahead of time so your body has time to clear them. Testing positive for any of these drugs will rule you out from getting the job or might get you fired.

What to Expect During Travelers Hiring Process

The hiring process at Travelers is longer than that of most other companies. They take their time before hiring an applicant and make sure that the person is a good fit. Most people report being hired in four to six weeks from the day they submitted their applications. I also found out through my research that you will need to undergo multiple interviews before getting hired.

You won’t necessarily be called for an interview immediately after applying. It took many people up to two weeks before they heard back from the company and were invited for an interview. Just stay calm and don’t start panicking or assuming that they’re not going to call you.

Does Travelers Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

The answer is yes. Travelers requires job applicants to pass a drug test before hiring them. You will most likely take the drug test after you finish all of your interviews and you’re given the job offer. If you agree, you will need to pass the drug test before you sign your contract. Travelers is a big company and one that is serious about its drug policies.

You need to prepare in advance and find a way to pass the drug test. The best way is to abstain for at least two months especially if you are a heavy user. Failing your drug test can prove to be costly and could end your chances of getting the job despite doing well on all of your interviews.

Does Travelers Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Test?

Travelers will maintain the right to randomly drug tests any of its employees. In fact, this will be a clause in your contract. This isn’t a clause that’s exclusive to Travelers as most companies add that clause in employee contracts even if they don’t plan on using it.

It’s not clear whether or not they drug test people before promoting them. Since the company has a strict drug policy, it’s safer to assume that a drug test will be required before you’re promoted. Failing a drug test before a promotion might lead to contract termination.

What Kind of Drug Test Does Travelers Use?

Travelers relies on a urine drug test when testing people before hiring them. The drug test is taken at a clinic.

You’ll need to provide a fresh urine sample. The sample is taken to a lab for analysis and Travelers will receive the results directly from the lab and inform you. If you pass, you will sign your contract and begin work. If you fail, you won’t be able to get the job.

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Can You Fail Your Drug Test for Using Prescription Drugs?

Fortunately, the answer is no. You can’t fail your drug test at Travelers because you use prescription drugs. These medications are essential for your wellbeing and the fact that they show up on a drug screen shouldn’t affect your employment opportunities. You should let your interviewer know that you’re on a prescription for one or more drugs that can show up as positive on a drug screen. They might ask for your doctor’s contact info to verify this information.

How to Pass Drug Test at Travelers?

The best outcome you can receive if you stop using any drugs including marijuana as soon as you decided to apply for a job at Travelers. Your body needs time to detox naturally

If you use marijuana 1-2 times a week then 10-12 days should b enough to cleanse your body before your test. But if you smoke marijuana more often than 2 times a week, you might need from 45 up to 90 days to detox your body naturally.

So, if you didn’t detox naturally and have to pass your urine test in 1-2 days, on your drug test day you might consider using a detox drink like XXTRA Clean or Herbal Clean QCarbo20.  Please note that these drinks are only effective for light/moderate users.

Heavy users should use a different approach in order to pass their urine drug tests though.  I have seen that many heavy users have a good outcome after abstaining for at least 10-20 days and detoxing their bodies with a Toxin Rid whole body detox program. Heavy users might consider completing at least 10-12 day detox program.

It is imperative to use a home urine drug test after completing a detox program. This will show where you stand now what you should do next.

If you still test positive on a home urine drug test after completing detox program, drinking a detox drink, or caught by surprise with your test, you might consider using synthetic urine. This may work for an unsupervised test. However, there is always the risk of being caught and facing penalties for such action.


Travelers is one of the largest companies in the world and one that operates in over 5 countries. They’re strict about their drug policy so you’ll want to be careful. Expect a lengthy hiring process and a urine drug test before you sign your contract. The company doesn’t tolerate drug use.

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