Does Tesla Drug Test for Employment?

Tesla is a giant in the car manufacturing industry, but how do you get employment in this prestigious company? Regardless of being on the radar of many employees around the world, very few get a shot to work for one of the best companies in the world. This article simplifies some of the criteria-related questions that you may have, such as, “does Tesla drug test for employment?” Additionally, it also takes you through the application and hiring processes of the company.

Tesla Company Facts

Tesla came into existence in July 2003. Elon Musk is the man behind the success of this company. He contributed most of the early investments that kick-started the company to produce its first electronic car, the roadster.

The company’s structure and aim revolve around transforming the motor industry in the form of a drastic shift towards electronic vehicles. Today, Tesla Motors is the top E-V company in the nation, taking over the car market by storm.

It currently employs over 70,000 employees around the world and has 130 stores across the US, making it accessible for buyers to purchase cars directly and over the internet. Just recently, Elon Musk made the purchase even more accessible by allowing customers to use Bitcoin as a form of payment for a Tesla car.

The progressive and innovative steps such as these make Tesla the most desirable sought-after job space in the world today. For this reason, you may be desperate over the burning questions about internship programs and job applications of the company.

In this article, I try to address some of the questions and concerns of potential candidates.

Whether or not you have a background in tech, you can still land a job at Tesla if you are willing enough. The highest paid jobs in the company are, however, the ones that relate to engineering and design. Nevertheless, there are still many other job opportunities in Tesla, just because of the massive scale of the company.

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How Difficult is It to Get a Job in Tesla in 2023?

Tesla uses an ATS system to track down and sort all the applications that it gets from people. This is a data system that acts as a storage system for online applicants. The ATS system or the applicant tracking system allows recruiters to narrow down the applicants and filter them out according to certain keywords more efficiently and quickly.

The chance of getting an internship for Tesla increases if your resume consists of the relevant keywords that the recruiters require. You also have a better chance of approval if you apply through a referral rather than a cold application. Overall, in terms of probability, getting a job at Tesla is rather difficult because of the increasing competition between applicants.

How Long Does the Hiring Process Take?

The time it takes to hire someone at Tesla emphatically depends on the position. Online forums and conversations reveal that it can take as little as three months for a technical writer and just three weeks for a software engineer to get a response.

This is mainly because they have a much higher demand for engineers being a car manufacturing company. Thus, the timeline of hiring varies greatly on the role that you apply for, their current requirements, and the time.

Does Tesla Drug Test for Employment?

According to my research, Tesla does indeed have a drug test. However, the intensity of the drug test depends on the job you apply to.

Like many other companies, applicants of Tesla must go through a pre-employment physical, which consists of a medical checkup and general drug tests.

The hair follicle or urine tests normally check an individual for drugs such as PCP, Opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, and marijuana.

However, under the regulatory laws of the California State, where the Tesla headquarter is located, employees can have a certain amount of THC in their system.

Tesla might ask applicants to go for a urine test in states where the regulations against drugs are more hostile.

THC is the intoxicating substance in the marijuana drug that, at a minuscule amount, does not affect job performance. According to extensive research, Tesla’s company policy on drugs is vague and does not follow a standard protocol. Some even claim that referral applicants do not have to go through drug tests, while a cold applicant requires a drug test.

In 2017, a Tesla Employee made  headlines when Tesla fired her for testing positive for THC. She declared that this was solely because she supported the union and not her marijuana consumption. However, Elon Musk later stated that Tesla has never fired an employee because of supporting the union.

The quicksilver laws against marijuana make it difficult for giant companies like Tesla to manage the THC situation. Apart from marijuana confusion, Tesla holds drug tests for both current employees and interns for other potent drugs. Thus, being intoxicated at work can result in you losing your job.

Can You Fail Your Drug Test if You Use Prescription Drugs?

If you use prescription drugs, make sure to have  your medical records to confirm that these drugs were prescribed by your physician. Based on your records the HR department determines that you have a legitimate medical reason for using the prescribed drugs and they should not affect your drug test results.

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How to Pass Urine Drug Test at Tesla?

Even though a urine drug test is not the easiest one to pass especially for heavy users, if you are prepared, you shouldn’t have any issues.

First, knowing for how long you can test positive for THC since your last time of consumption, will give you a clear understanding of which approach to choose in order to detox your body properly.

So, if you are a light/moderate user, you need up to 10 days to cleanse your body naturally. If you don’t have 10 days, on your drug test day, you might consider using one of the most popular detox drinks like XXTRA Clean or Herbal Clean QCarbo20.

If you are a heavy user, you need from 30 up to 90 days to cleanse your body from THC. It is a pretty challenging process especially if you carry extra weight.

To increase your odds of passing your urine drug test, you might consider using a 10 day whole body detox program combined with light aerobic exercise, drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet (no sugar and fats).

I have seen cases where some heavy users have used synthetic urine as their emergency plan when they knew that their urine test would be unsupervised. However, there is always the risk of being caught and facing the dire consequences of such an action.



Depending on the state regulations, Tesla might require all applicants to pass a urine drug test. If you use marijuana recreationally, you should be fully prepared for taking a urine test.

Thank you for taking interest in our article, “Does Tesla drug test for employment?” Now that you have an idea about the drug testing procedure of Tesla, your insights over their processes will be of great value to us.

We would love to hear about the hiring process and drug testing experiences of yours. Your information will ultimately prove to be pivotal for other individuals who are applying for jobs at Tesla.

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