Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Drug Test for Employment?

“Does O’Reilly Auto Parts drug test for employment?” This is a question I receive from many of those looking for job opportunities at one of America’s largest auto parts retailers. Finding a job as a recreational drug user is far from easy as most companies and places that require their applicants to pass a drug tests before hiring. Failing a drug test while applying for a job, will most likely prevent you from getting it.

So I did some research in order to find out if O’Reilly Auto Parts drug tests applicants before hiring them. Being well prepared in advance can mean the difference between being accepted for a job or rejected.

O’Reilly Auto Parts Company Facts

O’Reilly Auto Parts was founded by the O’Reilly family in 1957, over 60 years ago. The popular auto parts retailer has over 5,200 stores in 47of the 50 states. O’Reilly Auto Parts has no stores outside the United States.

However, that won’t matter much unless you are an American looking for a job overseas. O’Reilly Auto Parts currently has approximately 80,000 employees. This large number explains why a lot of people are looking for a job at O’Reilly Auto Parts. They are located in most states and is a great place to work. Their headquarters are located in the state of Missouri.

You can apply for several types of jobs at O’Reilly Auto Parts, the most popular being delivery drivers, cashiers, and in-store workers assisting customers with all their auto needs. Working at O’Reilly Auto Parts presents a great opportunity to gain on the job experience for those just entering the job market.

Working there is great both for those seeking temporary jobs and those seeking longer term jobs and stable careers. Knowing whether or not O’Reilly Auto Parts drug tests can be very important for you.

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O’Reilly Auto Parts Drug Test Policy in 2023

O’Reilly Auto Parts has a very strict no drug policy. The company won’t tolerate employees showing up for work under the influence or those who use drugs at work. Like at most companies, drug use can lead to customer complaints and jeopardize the company’s reputation. That’s why drug use by employees is not allowed. Besides, in most states, it’s still against the law.

In the event that you’re drug tested (and you probably will be), you can expect to be screened for benzodiazepines, barbiturates, amphetamine, opioids, marijuana, and others. If your drug screen shows up positive for any of these drugs, then you’ll probably lose your job.

What to Expect During O’Reilly Auto Parts Hiring Process?

The hiring process at O’Reilly Auto Parts is simple and usually doesn’t take too long from start to finish. You start by filling in and submitting an application. They will then call you in for an interview. You might have just one interview; or perhaps two, depending on where you’re applying.

If you’re interviews go well, you will be asked to take a drug test. You can expect to hear back from them within a few days. For most people it takes about a week from the moment they first submit their application to the day they actually start work at O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

O’Reilly Auto Parts drug tests all of those applying for a job there. It’s part of their hiring process regardless of in which state you’re applying.

O’Reilly Auto Parts takes their ‘no drugs’ policy very seriously, which is quite evident by their using drug tests to screen all job applicants. If you apply for a job at O’Reilly Auto Parts after having recently used drugs, then you’re going to fail their urine drug test and miss out on getting a job there.

Those seriously interested in getting a job at O’Reilly Auto Parts must abstain from drugs for a few weeks, or even months, before applying for a job there so their bodies have time to clear themselves of drugs.

Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Test?

O’Reilly Auto Parts has the right to drug test you at any time. It’s going to be part of your contract that they can drug test you randomly and whenever they see fit. There are no reports of them carrying out random drug tests, but there are certain things that could increase your chances of getting a drug test ‘for cause’.

For example, showing up for work under the influence will lead to your boss suspecting that you’re high on drugs thereby prompting a drug test. Most people involved in work accidents are also subjected to drug tests, even if they don’t appear to be high at the time of the accident.

Employees who are up for a promotion should also expect to be drug tested before getting their promotion. If things are going great at work, don’t risk losing a promotion by doing drugs. Actually, failing to pass a drug test before a promotion won’t just cost you the promotion; it’ll most likely cost you your job.

So the best way to get a job and keep it at O’Reilly Auto Parts is to abstain or greatly limit your drug use. Otherwise you’ll be putting your career at risk.

What Kind of Drug Test Does O’Reilly Auto Parts Use?

A urine drug test is used by O’Reilly Auto Parts. The results should appear soon enough after taking the test. Some employees say they got their results within hours of taking the test; while for others, it took days.

Can You Fail Your Drug Test if You Use Prescription Drugs?

You can’t fail a drug test if you’re on prescription drugs. Yes, your urine will show up positive because you’re on drugs that show up on urine screens, but they shouldn’t be allowed to reject you for it. Just let your interviewer or the manager know in advance that you’re on a prescription for drugs that may show up as positive on your urine drug screen.

Additionally, you can give them your doctor’s name and contact info in case they need to contact her or him to confirm. Neither you nor your doctor should disclose what drugs you’re on, or why you’re taking them.

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How to Pass Drug Test at O’Reilly Auto Parts?

  1. As O’Reilly Auto Parts has a very string no drug policy, the best approach is to abstain from using drugs for as long as possible before your interview if you are applying for a job there or before your promotion if you are a current employer.

You should try to abstain from using drugs for at least 4-6 days before your test if you are a light user, up to 10-12 days if you are a moderate user, and 35-90 days if you are a heavy everyday user.

If you abstain from drugs following the above mentioned time frame, you have a good chance in passing your drug test. I always recommend checking your THC levels before you go in for your actual test. This helps to find out in advance the eventual outcome of your test.

  1. If you already have a job with O’Reilly Auto Parts, you must be prepared for a random drug test at any time. If you fail the test, you will most likely be fired.

If you are a light to moderate user of marijuana, it would be a smart idea to have a detox drink like Mega Clean or Herbal Clean QCarbo32 handy. Such detox drinks should be taken only on the day of your drug test.

However, if you are a heavy use, such detox drinks won’t be effective enough for you to pass your test.

If you still test positive on a home urine drug test after completing detox program, drinking a detox drink, or caught by surprise with your test, you might consider using synthetic urine. This may work for an unsupervised test. However, there is always the risk of being caught and facing penalties for such action.


Yes! O’Reilly Auto Parts drug tests for pre-employment, promotion and randomly for all employers.

Working at O’Reilly Auto Parts presents a great opportunity. However, they make it difficult through their strict no drug policy, but it will be worth it.

Thank you for reading our article “Does O’Reilly Auto Parts drug test for Employment?”

We would love to hear about your experiences going through O’Reilly Auto Parts hiring process and drug testing procedure.

We believe others who are applying for jobs at O’Reilly Auto Parts will definitely appreciate and benefit from it.

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