Does Hyundai Drug Test New Employees?

Hyundai’s objective is to build customer loyalty by offering high-quality products and services and the best possible ownership experience. As a response, they only hire the finest and brightest. This is why it is important to be aware of the all application process details. For instance, does Hyundai drug test new employees? Before applying for a job at Hyundai, job hunters often have this question.

In this article, I will cover numerous crucial subjects such as Hyundai facts, the recruiting strategy, and Hyundai drug test policy in 2022.

Hyundai Company Facts

1.Hyundai is a car manufacturer based in South Korea. It is one of the top five largest vehicle manufacturers globally, with a strong presence in recent decades. Nonetheless, many individuals are unfamiliar with this brand. Check out these intriguing Hyundai facts that you might not have known before:

Hyundai is a Korean word that translates to “modernity.” “New Thinking, New Possibilities” is the brand’s slogan, and its name perfectly matches it.

2.On December 29, 1967, Hyundai Group began as a construction company. Hyundai Motor Company, the company’s automotive division, was created twenty years later. It used to be a subsidiary of the Hyundai Group, but the carmaker is no longer associated with the previous conglomerate.

3.Hyundai owns and operates the largest integrated vehicle assembly plant globally, located in Ulsan in South Korea. The plant can produce more than 1.5 million vehicles in a year. The company employs more than 75,000 people and sells vehicles in 193 countries via 5,000 dealerships worldwide.

4.The hiring process for Hyundai can take up to three months, and it’s not easy because thousands of people apply for the same job.

You must apply online, take online exams, visit an assessment center, and have a final interview before receiving an offer.

5.Hyundai frequently has openings for technicians, mechanical engineers, data scientists, assistants, accountants, and other positions worldwide. Many job openings for area sales managers, electrical maintenance technicians, deputy managers – marketing, quality assurance engineers, internal auditors, and different positions are currently available in various parts of the world.

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What to Expect During Hyundai Hiring Process?

Around 75,000 people work for Hyundai’s corporate structure. It is also one of the top 100 companies globally in terms of total revenue. As a result, there is fierce rivalry for jobs, and the hiring process is lengthy.

As many people apply for the same job, the Hyundai hiring process might take up to 3 months. In general, there is a process you must follow before entering this giant firm.

The process consists of:

  1. Paper Screening: fill out an application online on the Hyundai career website.
  2. AI-based Online Test. It is the legal aptitude and personality test for all applicants based on AI analysis.
  3. 1st Interview.
  4. 2nd Interview.
  5. Internship.
  6. Physical Exam.
  7. Final Selection.

Does Hyundai Drug Test?

Yes, They review your portfolio and inquire about your most recent employment experience. You must also complete an examination and a drug test on the same day. The format is casual and to the point. At the interview, a mouth swab drug test is performed at Hyundai.

Hyundai Drug Test Policy in 2023

Hyundai conducts a drug test using a mouth swab. Hyundai, like most companies, asks new employees to take a drug test before a job offer is confirmed.

This is Hyundai’s well-known and respected policy, and it is an expected part of the hiring process for any position. When a pre-employment drug test is required, the job offer is contingent on the applicant passing the test without any adverse results.

They can detect the presence of the following substances in a person’s system with a mouth swab drug test:

  1. Alcohol.
  2. Amphetamines.
  3. Barbiturates.
  4. Benzodiazepines.
  5. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
  6. Cocaine.
  7. Methamphetamine.
  8. Opioids.

Does Hyundai Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Yes, absolutely. Well, it’s a straightforward interview technique. They review your resume and inquire about your most recent relevant work experience. You must also complete an exam and a pre-employment drug test on the same day. The format is casual and to the point.

Does Hyundai Do Random and Pre-Promotional Drug Test

Hyundai conducts pre-promotional and random drug tests, including a mouth swab analysis. It aids businesses in reducing risks, as hiring a drug addict is both risky and expensive. Furthermore, a single rogue employee’s absenteeism, workers’ compensation claims, and any legal implications can bankrupt a small business.

You worked hard to build your business, yet one drug-related incident at work may cost you everything. Pre-employment drug testing for all employees as part of your formal written policy will help you prevent a situation like this.

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What Kind of Drug Test Does Hyundai Do?

Hyundai conducts a mouth swab drug test during the Interview. Background checks are also carried out.

A mouth swab drug test is a screening method that uses your saliva to identify the presence of specific chemicals in your system. Because of how simple it is to do, this type of test quickly becomes one of the most popular drug screening techniques. It provides virtually immediate results and is often inexpensive. It’s also less invasive than some other typical tests for chemical detection, such as a urine or blood test.

Several chemicals and drugs can be detected using a mouth swab drug test. The following are some of the most examined medications for this method:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Barbiturates
  3. Benzodiazepines
  4. Cocaine
  5. Marijuana
  6. Methamphetamine
  7. Opiates
  8. Oxycodone

An employer administers a mouth swab test, which a doctor or specialist then examines. Even after the drugs’ effects have worn off, the analysis may detect if a person has used specific pharmaceuticals for several days or weeks.

Can You Fail Your Drug Test if You Use Prescription Drugs?

If you test positive for a lawful medicine recommended by your doctor, your employer cannot fire you unless the drug interferes with your ability to execute your work.

How to Pass Drug Test at Hyundai?

It is less challenging to pass a saliva (swab) drug test if you know these two essential facts.

1.If you know when you will have to take a saliva drug test, you just need to abstain from marijuana for at least 48 hours beforehand, thoroughly brush your teeth and gums properly and use a strong mouthwash like Listerine. This significantly increases your odds of passing your swab test.

2.However, if you have used marijuana less than 48 hours before your interview, you might consider having a mouth detox product specifically design to pass the saliva drug test handy in your pocket.

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Hyundai, a large corporation, conducts mouth swab testing on new and current employees to ensure employee safety, prevent abuse, and increase productivity.

All job offers, including those being evaluated for rehire, are contingent on the applicant passing a drug test. So, the answer for the question for many prospective Hyundai employees “does Hyundai drug test new employees?” is a resounding Yes!

Thank you for reading our article “Does Hyundai Drug Test New Employees?”

We’d like to hear about your experiences with the Hyundai recruitment process and drug testing. We believe it will be appreciated and beneficial to those looking for jobs at Hyundai.

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