Does Baking Soda Help to Pass Drug Test?

“Does baking soda help to pass drug test?” This is a question I keep getting asked over and over from my readers. As companies continue to screen job applicants for drug use before hiring them, recreational drug users keep looking for new ways to pass these drug tests.

Using baking soda is a common approach that recreational drug users take prior to applying for a job or for any other reason involving a potential drug test.

Therefore, I decided to perform some research to determine if taking baking soda is effective in helping people pass their drug test. After finishing my article, you should have a much clearer idea on whether or not baking soda is a reliable option to help pass your test.

Baking Soda – Its Benefits, and Uses

sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is basically a chemical compound composed mainly of sodium and bicarbonate, giving it its other name: sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3. Because of its bicarbonate component, baking soda is an alkaline, which has alkaline effects on the body.

1. Thanks to its alkaline nature, baking soda can be used to treat heartburn.

Heartburn is a result of increased acidity and reflux of acid released into the esophagus. By consuming baking soda, which is a alkaline, you’ll be neutralizing the acidity of the stomach and in turn limiting the severity of heartburn.

2. When it comes to oral health, baking soda has several benefits. First of all, taking soda can be used to ease the pain of canker sores, which you may notice on the inside of your mouth when you’re sick or during periods of stress.

Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, baking soda is also great for use as mouthwash. If you’re out of mouthwash, you can rinse your mouth with baking soda instead. As for teeth whitening, several toothpastes that have teeth whitening properties are augmented with baking soda.

3. The benefits to the skin are numerous as well. Baking soda is great for eczema as well as treating fungal infections, and psoriasis. Rashes caused by poison ivy and poison oak may also be alleviated through the use of baking soda.

It should be noted however, that you should consult your doctor before using baking soda to treat or control any of these conditions.

4. Apart from its effects on the human body, baking soda can be used in your fridge to get rid of any foul smells.

5. Baking soda can also be used in the home as an air freshener in order to mask unpleasant odors. This is particularly a great option for those who don’t like the scents that come with commercial air fresheners or have allergies to them.

6. The cleaning applications of baking soda are numerous. It can be used to clean carpets, bathrooms, or even vegetables.

Does Baking Soda Have Drug Cleansing Properties or Not?

The cleansing effects of baking soda haven’t been proven and there’s no clear evidence to support them.

How Can Baking Soda Help You Detox?

Some people like to detox using baking soda baths. So to be clear, this detox is done through a bath and not by consumption of baking soda. To create a baking soda bath you mix half a cup of baking soda with half a cup of Epsom salts, and then add the mix to a warm bath.

The efficiency of this type of detox hasn’t been proven. So try it at your own risk. You may want to add essential oils to the bath for a better experience.

Can Baking Soda Help You Pass a Drug Test?

Using baking soda in order to increase your odds of passing yours urine drug test is not recommended at all.

How to Pass Your Urine Drug Test?

1. I mentioned earlier baking soda is an alkaline substance and that’s how it exerts its effects. When baking soda is consumed, it raises the pH of blood and urine making them more alkaline. Baking soda does not seem to have any effect on the kidneys or the excretion of toxins and metabolites except maybe for meth.

Methamphetamine is alkaline in itself. Since baking soda is also alkaline, it can block the kidneys from excreting meth for a short period of time. If you take your urine drug test during this time then it shouldn’t contain meth, although this is an unreliable method of passing a drug test.

There’s no proof that this actually works. This is just postulated based on the fact that they’re both alkaline substances. As for other drugs like marijuana, baking soda has absolutely no effect on masking or removing them from the body whatsoever.

2. Using baking soda in order to increase your odds of passing yours urine drug test is not recommended at all because alterations in the pH of your body can be very dangerous and potentially even lethal. Plus, there doesn’t seem to any be proven benefit to baking soda when it comes to passing drug tests.



  1. Can be great for relieving heartburn.
  2. Has benefits relating to oral hygiene.
  3. Has benefits relating to the skin.
  4. Can be used in cleaning, but not cleansing.
  5. Might be useful for passing drug tests for people who use meth.
  6. Easily available.


  1. Can raise blood pressure.
  2. Changes in blood pH are quite dangerous and may be lethal.
  3. Can raise blood glucose levels.
  4. Needs doctor consultation before use for treating skin irritation or related conditions.
  5. Its effect in helping people pass drug tests hasn’t been proven.


Baking soda has numerous benefits from treating eczema, psoriasis, and heartburn to being great for oral hygiene. Even if you don’t want it for anything related to your body, it’s great for cleaning in the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. and removing stains from carpets and clothing.

On numerous forums meth users have shared their success stories of using baking soda for passing drug test by blocking its excretion in urine since both are alkaline. But this hasn’t been proven scientifically either. This approach is absolutely ineffective for other drugs and toxins. So perhaps baking soda isn’t the best option for those looking to pass their drug test.

Usually the best results users of recreational drugs have had in passing their drug tests come from (a) either abstaining from using marijuana for a prolong period of time (from 10 up to 90 days) or (b) completing a whole body detox program.

In a case of a random drug test, there are a few popular detox drinks that can be helpful.  Even though such drinks won’t guarantee passing your test 100%, they at least help to increase your odds as much as possible of passing.

Such detox drinks will help to reestablish normal levels of background nutrient in your urine sample. In addition, your urine will possess the “markers” that drug testers look for to see if you are trying to beat the test.

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Thank you for reading our “Does Baking Soda Help to Pass Drug Test?”

We would love to hear about your experience in using baking soda in order to pass your urine drug test. Please leave a comment below. I believe others in the same situation as yours will definitely appreciate and benefit from your comments.

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