Do Creatine and B12 Help to Pass Drug Test?

“Do creatine and B12 help to pass drug test?” This is one of the most popular questions I keep getting asked by our readers. Creatine and B12 are considered natural supplements and vitamins. So it makes sense that so many people are looking to them for help in passing a urine drug test.

The odds of passing a surprise urine drug test without proper preparation are slim. So a number of alternatives to help you pass your  drug test have been developed. Creatine and B12 are two of them.

The truth is that creatine and vitamin B12 aren’t usually taken independently. Instead, they’re taken together as ingredients in a detox drink. Due to their popularity, I decided to do some research in order to find out how they work and whether or not you can rely on them to pass a drug test get that job.

Creatine and B12 – Benefits and Uses

Creatine is considered a supplement and vitamin B12 a vitamin. Vitamin B12 is considered the more popular of the two. However, they’re both relatively well known ingredients with plenty of benefits. So let’s take a look at some of these benefits.



1. Let’s start with creatine. Creatine is great for your muscles, enabling you to create more ATP when exercising. ATP is what your body uses for energy. So the more ATP you have, the longer you’ll be able to exercise with better form.

By creating more ATP you’ll notice improvements in strength, muscle mass, sprint ability, muscle endurance, resistance to fatigue and even recovery.

2. Some propose that creatine has neurological effects too, particularly when it comes to Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s, which has affected many celebrities like Muhammad Ali, is a neurodegenerative disease where the amount of dopamine in certain areas of the brain decreases.

It’s possible that creatine raises the amount of dopamine in the brain. This idea still needs to be scientifically proven however.

3. Research is currently being done to see if combining creatine intake with exercise has better effects on lowering blood glucose levels than just simply exercising. There have been promising results so far, but further confirmation and testing are needed.



1. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for all of us. Without it, you would develop what is known as megaloblastic anemia. B12 is necessary for cell division, particularly in bone marrow. In its absence, the bone marrow would have a hard time creating red and white blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen while white blood cells fight infections.

2. Additionally, B12 is vital for the health of the nerves and neurons. Apart from anemia, those who suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency will notice changes in the way they sense things and changes in muscle spasticity. So vitamin B12 isn’t looked at as some sort of additional nutrient. It’s an absolutely essential nutrient and its absence or deficiency needs treatment.

3. Vitamin B12 also keeps the homocysteine levels in your blood low. This is great because elevated homocysteine can increase a person’s risk of thrombosis, ultimately leading to strokes and heart attacks.

Do Creatine and B12 Have Cleansing Properties or Not?

Creatine and B12, unfortunately, don’t have cleansing properties. Creatine is a supplement that’s mainly important for the muscles. On the other hand, B12 is a vitamin needed for cell division, the formation of red and white blood cells, and the health of neurons.

These are their main functions. When it comes to cleansing there’s no identifiable role for either of them and it doesn’t seem like they’re of much value.

How Can Creatine and B12 Help You to Detox Your Body?

When it comes to detox, the same idea of cleansing applies. Vitamin B12 and creatine don’t do much in terms of detox. They won’t help you lose weight or speed up the elimination of toxins from your system.

Those of you planning to detox or cleanse their bodies using creatine and B12 will most likely be disappointed with the results.

Is it True That Creatine and B12 Can Help You Pass a Urine Drug Test?

Creatine and B12 aren’t the main components of a detox drink that help you pass a drug test, but they do play a role.

Urine Drug Test

The premise is that creatine is found in urine in a certain concentration. When you use detox drinks that work by making you urinate a lot, thereby diluting your urine, the amount of creatine in your urine will decrease.

Labs can detect this decrease in urine and know that you used a detox drink to alter results.

Using detox drinks also makes the color of urine much lighter. It’s for these reasons that detox drinks add creatine and B12 to their ingredients. Adding more creatine should keep the concentration stable even in dilute urine, while B12 makes urine yellow thereby also masking the dilution of detox drinks.

This explains why they’re found in almost all detox drinks found online and on the market. They’re both valuable components of detox drinks, but on their own they won’t be of much value.



  1. Natural supplements and vitamins.
  2. Easily found and inexpensive.
  3. Creatine is good for muscles.
  4. B12 is important for blood cells and nerves.
  5. Both mask dilution of urine caused by detox drinks.


  1. Not useful for cleansing or detox.
  2. Won’t help you pass a drug test on their own as sole ingredients.
  3. Creatine can cause kidney problems, diarrhea, fatigue, and rashes.
  4. B12 in excess can cause kidney damage especially in diabetics.


Creatine and vitamin B12 are valuable as part of a detox drink or other product that dilutes urine, but aren’t of much value on their own. Additionally, you shouldn’t take them in excess because they can be harmful to the kidneys.

So far, I have seen that the best outcome users of marijuana have had in passing their urine drug tests come from (a) either abstaining from using marijuana from 10 up to 90 days depending on their THC exposure or (b) completing a whole body detox program combined with light aerobic exercise, visiting a sauna, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.

Our #1 Recommendation for Effective DetoxHelp you to pass your drug test

In the case of a random drug test, there are a few popular detox drinks that can be effective enough to drop your THC levels below cutoff levels. Even though such drinks cannot guarantee passing your test 100%, they can at least help to increase your chances of passing the test.

Such detox drinks will help to reestablish normal levels of background nutrient in your urine sample. In addition, your urine will possess the “markers” that drug testers look for to see if you are trying to beat the test.

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Thank you for reading our “Do Creatine and B12 Help to Pass Drug Test in 2019?”

We would love to hear about your experience in using creatine and B12 in order to pass your urine drug test. Please leave a comment below and I believe others in the same situation as you will definitely appreciate and benefit from it.

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